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Chicco Oh La La Stroller Review


We transitioned to the Chicco Oh La La Stroller when Darcie was around eleven months old. Our Mothercare three-in-one Xpedior pram had does us so well since she was born but as I was taking the bus more and more it felt like time for a much more lightweight and easier to fold down stroller. My mission for a new pram was basically to find something as light as possible, that I could fold up and down with one hand and that wasn’t going to eat too far into our mortgage fund. The Oh La La Stroller ticks all these boxes and I actually really love the design of it and the light grey colour. We got ours for £80 which is so affordable compared to a lot of other strollers that I  had my eye on and it weighs just 3.8kg which is the lightest we could find anywhere.

Anyone that knows us will know the battles I have had to try and convince Darcie that the pram isn’t the worst place in the world to be and using this new stroller that is less closed in has definitely been the best thing for that so far. Our previous pram looked comfier than this new one but I think the raised sides all around her made her feel more trapped which is the last thing that my little explorer likes to feel! The stroller fully reclines too so she can still nap when we are out and about, although that is becoming less and less frequent all the time.

This next point is such a Mum thing to say, but one of my favourite things about this stroller is that you can remove the entire seat cover and wash it. It is hand wash only which usually puts me off (because I’m lazy and like to let the washing machine do all the work), but a quick scrub with some fairy liquid removes all traces of toddler. It can be covered in chocolate, mud and sun cream and still comes up as good as new. I’ve had other Mums ask me how I keep the pram so clean and I wish I could take the credit for that but it is just genuinely really easy to clean.

The stroller folds up really simply and is easy to do with a wriggling toddler in the other arm, perfect for getting on the bus, particularly when it is busy. Any Mum who gets the bus will know the pain of waiting for a bus only for it to arrive and have no more room for prams, but this one fold up small enough that I haven’t had that problem since using it. It is also so lightweight that it is easy to steer with one hand, something that is near to impossible with a heavier pram.

There are only two downsides to this stroller for me, the first is the wheels. They are plastic and can be very rattly when going over uneven surfaces. Not that Darcie minds, I actually think she finds it fun to be bouncing around all over the place, but it can get pretty loud! This generally isn’t an issue for me as we still have our Xpedior for any country walks or if we know we are going somewhere with difficult terrain. I like that I have my cross country pram and my city stroller. The Oh La La Stroller is perfect for getting the bus, going around town, walking around shops and soft play and baby group trips, which is how we spend the majority of our time anyway. Also, now she is walking we tend to just let her walk around outdoorsy places and places like the farm.

The only other thing I would change about the stroller is how small the basket is underneath. I understand why it has to be so small as it is such a lightweight stroller but it does mean that I don’t have much storage space. Again, this isn’t a massive issue for me as I always carry a rucksack instead of a normal changing bag and don’t often need to carry big or heavy items with me. But it is something to bear in mind if you are thinking about buying this stroller. I also purchased a pram organiser for around £7 on eBay (you can buy similar branded items for much more than this but they really are exactly the same) and this is really helpful for storing anything that I need easy access to and fits neatly onto the handle of the stroller.

Overall I can’t recommend this stroller enough. It has made life with a toddler much easier. With Darcie weighing around 10kg now, I love having one less heavy thing to deal with and being able to push it with one hand is just a dream. That means I have the other hand free for scrolling Instagram or drinking a coffee, and what more could a Mama want? Storing the Oh La La Stroller is much simpler too, it just tucks into a corner of our utility room and takes up hardly any room. For anyone looking for a lightweight stroller that isn’t going to break the bank, this is my recommendation for you.



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