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Christmas Gift Guide | Toddlers
~ this post contains gifted items ~

Christmas Gift Guide | Toddlers

At two and a half years old, this is the first Christmas that Darcie really understands what is going on. Last year she was excited by presents and seeing all the lights and glitter but this year she is seeing it all in a new light and magic for the first time. And she thinks that it is wonderful! In some ways the pressure is on to make sure that she loves her Christmas presents, but at the same time I’m not allowing that to become stressful. She is still young enough that she is quite easy to buy for and not old enough to have a Christmas list as long as her lean toddler legs! I’m sure next year will be a different story. In case anyone is struggling for ideas, I’ve put together this list of some things that I know Darcie will love and hopefully you can get some inspiration too!

Halitit Toys | Sounds Of The Forest

This little Sounds Of The Forest Gift Set from Halitit Toys would be the ideal stocking filler or small present for a toddler this Christmas. The set includes an Owl Whistle and a story book that encourages the child to whistle along as prompted by the story. This would make such a lovely gift for Christmas because not only is it a fun toy for the toddler but it is a great activity for parents to take part in too. And, find me a child that doesn’t love a toy that makes a noise!

Boots Mini Club | Christmas Range

I mentioned the Boots Mini Club Christmas Range in my Gift Guide For Babies post too. But it just had to be included in here too! There are some absolutely gorgeous Christmas bits for toddlers in there. My personal favourites are the Christmas jumpers but there are lovely dresses, pyjamas and onesies in the range too.

Thorntons Chocolate | Christmas Characters

What toddler wouldn’t be happy to open a chocolate elf on Christmas Day? Thorntons have a fantastic range of Christmas Characters that would make anyone happy, not just toddlers! The range includes Santa, Rudolph and The Snowman – so you’ll be spoilt for choice. I’m sure the hardest part of giving this gift to a child at Christmas will be trying to stop them from eating it all at once!

John Adams | Tiny Tears Doll

This is a great ‘starter’ baby doll for a toddler this Christmas. The Classic Tiny Tears Doll has movable arms, head and legs and can drink, cry and wet her nappy. One of the most affordable dolls of this kind on the market, it would be a great present for a child that doesn’t currently have any dolls or that only has ones with no special features. For it’s price, the features are impressive and it would certainly keep a toddler busy! Just don’t get sucked into helping to change all those nappies! She’s got a good head of hair too so that can provide hours of entertainment in itself!

Sweet Hamper | Gift Pup

Not for any fainthearted parents out there – but why not treat your tot to their very own sweet hamper this year? Gift Pup sell these gorgeous hampers in a variety of different selections such as retro, Britsh and sour and they even come with a personalised card for the recipient too. Like most toddlers, Darcie has such a sweet tooth and so this hamper will be a lovely treat to last her many months after Christmas – that’s if Dan and I manage not to eat it all for her!

One Dear World | Multicultural Doll & The Hat Hunting Mission

I just love the premise behind the One Dear World Dolls and accompanying books. The idea behind it all stems from encouraging children to have a secure self image and acceptance of other cultures. The dolls are all of different ethnicity so you could either gift a child a doll that looks like them (something they might not have much experience of!) or a doll that looks different to them which will establish a sense of acceptance for all from a young age. I just love this idea and it would make a really sweet gift for Christmas. There are also books that you can get alongside the dolls which tell stories of children working together and teach them about different parts of the world too.

ReRoom | A First Book Of Nature

Books are such lovely gifts to give for Christmas. It’s a good opportunity to give a book that is a little bit more exciting and beautiful than one which you would just pick up on a whim when you happen to see a ‘3 for 2’ offer. This First Book Of Nature is a good example of that! The pictures are stunning and each page teaches the child about something new in nature. It would be a really good way of opening up new topics with your toddler that might not come up in conversation otherwise. And you can be sure that any grandparents will be seriously impressed when your child starts talking about lambing season or combine harvesters!

Baby Annabell | My Special Day Doll

Darcie received a Baby Annabell for Christmas last year and it was a huge hit. There is a range of dolls to choose from, from the My First Baby Annabell¬†which is aimed at 1+ to the My Special Day Baby Annabell¬†which comes with party accessories too. If the child you are buying for is at the age of loving tea parties and make believe then this would be the ideal doll to go for. The My Special Day Baby is also in support of Barnado’s and money from every purchase goes towards the charity. I know Darcie is going to be so excited to open this on Christmas Day, that girl just loves a tea party!

Colgate | Minions Electric Toothbrush

‘A toothbrush for Christmas?’ I hear you say. But hear me out on this one. Most toddlers (that I know of anyway!) aren’t massive fans of cleaning their teeth twice a day, so what better gift could you give the parents of those children than an electric Minions (!) toothbrush to turn teeth brushing time into the best time of the day? Trust me, they will thank you! Or if it is your own child you are buying for – you’re welcome!

What’s on your toddlers Christmas list?


*this post contains items that have been gifted to me, all opinions are my own.

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