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Christmas Gift Guide | Babies
~ this post contains gifted items ~

Christmas Gift Guide | Babies

November is upon us, and we all know what that means – Christmas is coming! I’m someone who gets a bit too excited about Christmas a  bit too early so I try to contain myself as much as I can. But once November arrives I feel free to shout about it from the rooftops. Now is the perfect time to be getting organised with Christmas shopping so I’m officially declaring this Little Snippets’ Gift Guide Week and I’ll be sharing my top picks for Christmas over the next few days. Hopefully you can find some new ideas and discover new brands and products through my gift guides. I’m starting off with the littlest people we have to buy for – and let’s be honest the ones, who would happily just sit and chew on wrapping paper without caring at all what is inside – the babies!

Kit & Kin | Skincare Products Fit For The Royals

I’m not being dramatic when I call these products ‘fit for royals’, they actually are reported to be the number one choice for Prince George. And I can see why! The range are not only eco-friendly and hypoallergenic but they smell incredible too and would make a wonderful gift for a mum and baby. Kit & Kin was founded by Emma Bunton and has a close connection with the World Land Trust, donating significant amounts to help maintain vital eco systems that protect some of our most endangered wildlife. So as well as being a lovely treat for someone you love this Christmas, you can also feel very good about making this purchase.

Cuddle + Kind | Hand Knitted Dolls That Give Something Back

Another product that gives back! Cuddle + Kind are a family run business that create gorgeous, hand knitted dolls and donate ten meals to school children for each product they sell. How amazing is that?! The dolls themselves are absolutely stunning. We have Hudson the Polar Bear in the large size (20 inches) and he is just the softest, loveliest toy for Ernie to grow up with. If you take a look on their website I can guarantee you will fall in love with one of the designs (I’m very tempted to buy Stella the Polar Bear for Darcie!). There is something for every child and they each have a lovely little backstory written about them too. This would be a great gift for any age child but I have included it within my ‘Baby’ Gift Guide as I love the idea of Ernie having it from such a young age to last him forever.

Fred & Robin | Personalised Gifts

Fred & Robin have a lovely selection of products that would be perfect to give as a Christmas gift but my personal favourite has got to be the Personalised Memory Box. I think this is such a sweet gift to give a baby for Christmas as it is something that will be kept forever and can be used to treasure those important memories and save precious things from being chucked in a shoe box – never to be seen again. The design of this memory box is so stunning and classic and the box is so well made that it will definitely stand the test of time. This would be a great gift if you wanted to give something a little bit different to a baby this year. I like that it will be kept for them to see one day, rather than being just another toy to be discarded by the end of the day.

Colour Chronicles | The Book Of You

This is another gift that will stand the test of time. The Book Of You is a beautiful concept designed to capture the wonderful moments and memories of childhood from the age of one to sixteen. There are prompts at each birthday to fill in and I just love the thought of having this to look back on in years to come. I’m such a sentimental person (most of you probably already know that!) so I just think this is the most perfect gift. Definitely one to treasure!

Baby Sensory | Tummy Time Toy

You might notice that this is the only toy on this list. That was a deliberate decision on my part, as I don’t think it is particularly hard to choose a toy for a baby so I didn’t think you needed my help in doing that. We all know that babies lose interest in things quicker than you can say ‘Merry Christmas’ so most toys bought for babies are more token gifts than anything else. But this Tummy Time Toy is worthy of a mention. Tummy time is so important for development and the toy can be used in many different ways as the baby grows and changes too. Designed by Baby Sensory, the toy is perfect for captivating even the most fickle of babies’ attention with crinkly textures, a singing moon and a mirror. Of all the toys we have for Ernie, this is the one that we always go back to, that he loves the most.

Boots Mini Club | Christmas Range

Would this even be a Christmas Gift Guide for Babies without a mention of some adorable festive outfits? My favourites this year have got to be the collection from Boots Mini Club – there’s a sale on right now too so catch that if you can! The range is full of the sweetest designs and as I am now the proud owner of a rather chubby baby boy I simply can’t resist the urge to dress him up as Santa Claus. There are so many gorgeous pieces for all ages and I’ll be including some more in my Gift Guide for Toddlers too! The quality of the clothes is second to none so you can get good wear out of them over the festive season and save them for future babies too.

I hope this guide has been useful and that it has introduced you to some new products and brands. I have tried to include a wide spectrum of items to cater for all tastes!

I’m always on the lookout for new ideas, so what are you buying for your babies this year?


*this post contains items that have been gifted to me, all opinions are my own.

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