Ernie At One Month Old

How is it time to write this post already? I’m pretty sure my baby boy was only born yesterday, not a month ago! The last month has flown by, it seems like with every child you have, time speeds up even more. I’ve barely had the time to blog since he’s been born so I feel like I have a lot to update you on. I’ve done my best to break it down into categories but if I’ve missed anything that you’re curious about, feel free to ask. So, what is Ernie like at one month old?


If you read my post¬†Ernest Grayson Street¬†then you will know that Ernie was a BIG baby, so big in fact, that he is actually classed as a ‘Macro baby’. We had no idea he was going to be so considerably bigger than his sister so we had only taken newborn clothing to hospital with us. We managed to squeeze him in until Dan was able to go home and fetch some of the bigger sizes we had in his wardrobe. He wore size 0-3 months for the first couple of weeks and he is now fitting more comfortably in 3-6 months at the grand old age of five weeks old! He’s wearing size 2 nappies. He was born weighing 10lbs 6oz and initially lost a few ounces, as most babies do, but by ten days old he was already up to 10lbs 8oz which was amazing as ideally they will be back to their birth weight by two weeks old, and he had already surpassed that point. He hasn’t been weighed since but he will be next week and I’m eagerly anticipating the result of that weigh in.


I joked on Instagram recently that I feel like I’ve been cheated out of a newborn, and there’s quite a lot of truth in that. That’s not a complaint for the record, just an observation. Not only was he born looking like a two month old but by a few days old he was also starting to act like one. His head control and strength is amazing. I remember Darcie being exceptionally good with this too, so maybe I just have babies with strong necks! He can hold his head for at least ten seconds regularly now. By two weeks old he was also starting to use his legs to push himself up when I hold him on my chest. He’s quite alert too, when he is awake he spends a lot of time looking around and hie eyes follow us as we move around the room. He properly smiled for the first time at two weeks old which was an amazing moment and one which I hadn’t anticipated quite so soon! Darcie smiled at three weeks old which I knew was early, but I should have guessed Ernie would do that even earlier too.

His eyes are still blue and his hair has started to look gingery in some lights which is exactly what Darcie’s did before turning bright blonde. I think they’ll end up with the same colouring!


Oh, my beautiful little sleeper. He couldn’t be more opposite from his sister in this respect. He sleeps SO well in his Moses Basket! Darcie refused to sleep anywhere other than on us for the first six weeks of her life and so I was fully expecting to go through the same sleep deprivation torture treatment again this time. But we’ve never had any issue with him sleeping in it at all. He liked milk and cuddles but he will also just fall asleep of his own accord in it. He goes down ‘drowsy but awake’ which I always thought was just a term that Health Visitors liked to use to make us feel bad. Turns out that some babies just are naturally good sleepers, who knew?! I’ve done exactly the same with him as I did with Darcie and for some magical, amazing reason – he sleeps! He generally wakes two or three times for a feed at night which is about how well Darcie slept by the time she was ten months old. He’s also already had a night with only one wake up which was incredible.


We are still going strong with breastfeeding. He feeds a lot throughout the day although this has already decreased from when he was first born. The first two weeks he spent a lot of time cluster feeding, and he still has the odd day where he wants to cluster feed but not to an unbearable extreme. Again, this couldn’t be more different to his big sister who cluster fed for eight hours straight every day during week three. It’s just as well he’s not trying to do that really, as I don’t think there are enough toys in the world to keep a toddler entertained for that long while I feed.

The main thing to say about Ernie is that he is an absolute dream. He really only ever cries for milk or if he wants a cuddle and the rest of the time he is happy to either be asleep in his Moses Basket or watching the world go by. He likes being in the pram but isn’t a fan of a wrap or carrier at the moment. I’m hoping that might change once he can fully support his head as I do find baby wearing to be very useful, especially when there’s a toddler on the loose. He has such a happy and smiley temperament. I love the milky smiles he gives me during a feed, I’d forgotten how wonderful those moments are. He gets the hiccups a lot which always make Darcie laugh and he smiles at her when she cuddles him which makes my heart melt.

I’m sure a lot will change over this next month so I’ll make an effort to keep up with his updates. I’m loving every moment with him!

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