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A Little Bit Of Me | Desenio Review & Discount Code

Some of you may remember this post I did in collaboration with Desenio back in January. We chose some gorgeous prints and frames for our bedroom and they really were the perfect finishing touch for our redecoration project in that room. So when we recently decided to redecorate our dining room, they were the first brand that I thought of to add that touch of something special to the project.

The Renovation

Our dining room has always been the ‘junk room’ of the house. Especially since converting our spare room into Ernie’s nursery, any excess belongings have just somehow ended up in there. It’s also the room where our computer lives which means it’s the closest thing I have to an office. Basically it has become a nightmare of a room, we were trying to use it for too many things which ultimately meant we couldn’t use it for anything. Enough was enough, it was time for a change! All will soon be revealed but for now I wanted to share with you these beautiful prints that I chose from Desenio to finish the room off.

This is the room in the house that is the most ‘mine’ and so Dan gave me free reign when it came to the design of it all. Only getting involved to dutifully pick up the paintbrush and his tools when I asked him too, what a guy! When it came to choosing the prints I was in my element and happily created my gallery wall of dreams to be the main focus of the room. I had chosen a gorgeous shade of pink (yep, you heard that right! I had total free reign!) for two of the walls and so I had that colour in mind when choosing my prints.

Gallery Wall

The main focus of the gallery wall is on the Pink Tram Poster which I got in a large size (50×70), I love this print because it makes me think of travelling in Europe which always makes me happy. I also chose two quotes for the wall; Ciao Bella and Together Is Our Favourite Place To Be. When Dan and I first met he used to put on a dramatic Italian accent and say ‘Ciao Bella’ so that print reminds me of those early days of our relationship. And I just love the quote ‘Together Is Our Favourite Place To Be’ as the dining room is where so many lovely family memories are made. I chose a beautiful ‘Pink Tulipe’ poster simply because I thought it was stunning and Buffalo Horns because I love the rustic touch it brings. The last print I chose to complete the gallery wall was the Bike as a tribute to Dan’s cycling hobby (because, you know, he lives here too…!) and to add a vintage feel.

Black frames completed the look and all the tones work beautifully together in the room. I couldn’t be happier with how my gallery wall looks and I’ve had so many compliments on it all already.

My Favourite Quote


I chose one other print to feature which is this beautiful quote ‘She Designed A Life She Loved’. This has been one of my favourite quotes for a long time and it is wonderful to have as a reminder to myself in my ‘office’ environment. Without being too cheesy, it really is the perfect quote to have in my favourite room I’ve ever designed, where I work on my dream career and also make beautiful memories with my family. I feel very lucky! I chose a Copper frame to make it that little bit more special and it sits proudly on the shelving unit.

Once again, it has been a pleasure to work with Desenio for this post. The prints and frames arrived safe and sound very soon after ordering and I’m thrilled with the quality of it all. I’m already wondering which room I can redecorate next, just as an excuse to order some more of my favourite prints!

Desenio have also been kind enough to offer a discount code to my readers:
Enter LITTLESNIPPETS25 at the checkout for 25% off your order between November 27th and 29th (this is not valid for frames and on handpicked-/collaboration posters).

*this post contains gifted items, as always my opinions are my own!

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