Darcie’s Bedroom Details | Desenio Collaboration

If you have been following me on Instagram over the last couple of months, you will have seen that Darcie’s bedroom has had a serious makeover. It all started with an idea on a whim for a new bed for her. I was browsing Pinterest and saw some amazing beds with slides, showed Dan, and before you know it he had created a design and was on the way to B&Q for supplies. Things move quite quickly in this house when one of us has an idea, especially when it involves Dan getting to build something! (more…)

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No Playroom, No Problem

Like most people in the UK, I’m spending a lot of time at home right now. But the difference between myself and a lot of those people, is that I’m quite used to being at home! We love to get out and about but as a stay at home mum to two under three, I’ve had to find ways to enjoy being at home too. I’ve often wished we had a designated playroom so that I had somewhere fun to contain all of the toys (and children!) that I’m always finding around the house. But rather than sit and mope about my lack of playroom I’ve instead made the best of what we’ve got. And, to be honest, I love our current set up. As much as a playroom would be lovely, it’s also wonderful to have the children, and their belongings, interspersed with us and our ‘grown up’ spaces too. (more…)

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A Little Bit Of Me | Desenio Review & Discount Code

Some of you may remember this post I did in collaboration with Desenio back in January. We chose some gorgeous prints and frames for our bedroom and they really were the perfect finishing touch for our redecoration project in that room. So when we recently decided to redecorate our dining room, they were the first brand that I thought of to add that touch of something special to the project. (more…)

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