Finishing Touches With Desenio

When we moved into our current home I loved so many things about it; the layout, the garden, the space in the lounge. There was just one problem, the decor! Luckily we have been able to change the decor to suit our own tastes which we have been doing, slowly but surely, since we moved in. The worst room by far was definitely our bedroom. Orange carpet, orange curtains, badly fitted wardrobes, do I really need to say more? The wardrobes were the first to go, which then revealed a ceiling that needed to be plastered and a carpet that definitely needed changing.

One fresh new ceiling, one lovely grey carpet, three glorious white walls and one simple grey wall later and it was finally starting to feel more like our bedroom and less like something the eighties had left behind. We are focused on saving for our own house right now and so we have tried to decorate and furnish as cheaply as possible where we can. Dan, being the clever kind of man that he is, built us a bed and also some gorgeous white cube wall units for storing books, candles, plants and one day some bedside lamps when we finally get our act together.

The things that was missing was any hint of personality. There was nothing in the room that identified who we are and what we like and that is where Desenio comes in. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Desenio they are an online print and poster store that sell the most amazing range of artwork from prices starting as low as £2.95. There truly is something there for everyone and it is no exaggeration when I say it took us nearly a week to decide what we wanted for the walls. In the end we went for three prints above the bed and one on the wall next to the en suite. We also ordered the frames to put them in too and so when they arrived in the post it really was such a quick and easy job to get them on the wall.

The first print was an easy choice to make. I had seen the Namastay In Bed print on Instagram a few months beforehand and fallen a bit in love with it. So, when I found it on the website, there was no question in my mind as to whether I was going to choose it or not. Now if only having it on the wall meant I actually could Namastay in bed!

I then chose three prints to go along the wall behind the bed. Dan and I love the outdoors and so I knew I wanted to go for prints that represented that and that would give a calm and relaxing vibe to the room. I found it so hard to narrow down my choices but eventually I succeeded and I love how it has all come together. The three prints above the bed are Shadow, Breathe and Mountain Tops I went for black frames for all of the prints because the rest of the room is very neutral and I felt that black was the most striking with the prints we chose. This leaves us free to add in any colours to the room that we choose in the future.

I really can’t fault my experience with Desenio. The website is very easy to use and my order arrived swiftly and very well packaged. The prints arrived in poster tubes and the frames were very well protected in the box too.

I am pleased to let you know that I have a discount code to use with Desenio that will give you 25% off your purchase

The code “littlesnippets” gives 25% off posters* between 16th – 18th January. *Except for handpicked-/collaboration posters and frame.

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  1. Jade

    Those prints are gorgeous!

  2. Stacey

    I love Desenio and have had fantastic service at a great price. I have “Hakuna Matata”, “cloud mountains” & “seascape” in our living room.
    Your combo looks fab x

    1. littlesnippets

      Ooh sounds lovely! I was tempted by Hakuna Matata, I might have to go and order it 🙈 xx

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