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One of things that Dan and I love to do the most, is to travel. Pre baby days saw us gallivanting off on adventures left, right and centre. Any spare money we had went on saving up for the next trip and we’d spend our evenings and weekends planning where we wanted to travel to next and dreaming of exotic countries and exploring different cultures. I know some people seem to manage travelling with a toddler, you hear stories about women who use their maternity leave to travel the world or families who just uproot to go and live on an island somewhere, away from the stresses of modern life. And while that sounds great, that just hasn’t been a reality we have even wanted to attempt. For a start I could never imagine taking our baby far away from her family and for them not to have the chance to know her properly. I take my hat off to people who make it work but that’s just not the path we have taken. 

Now when I’m having a tough Mummy day, I daydream about a holiday far, far away. White beaches and clear blue seas, relaxing on a sun lounger a million miles away from the chores and stresses of motherhood or backpacking my way round an exotic country. While Darcie is so young and now with baby number two on the way, I know I won’t be upping sticks for a child free, relaxing holiday anytime soon and so my daydreams have mostly changed. Now I think about family holidays I would love us to take together and memories I would love for us to create. So here is my wishlist of those travels, some of them I hope we will be able to make a reality while some might be more difficult but only time will tell which ones we will tick off.

Explore Italy in a Camper Van

I have always dreamed of going to Italy. Cinque Terre in particular is somewhere that I have always wanted to explore. I love everything about the Italian culture and way of life, the laid back approach to living, the food, the warmth of the people and oh so many beautiful sights to see (and Instagram photos to take #sorrynotsorry!). Backpacking and travelling style holidays will always be my cup of tea more than lounging by a pool and I feel that if we rented a camper van or even just drove from B&B to B&B, this could be a manageable and enjoyable holiday with two children.

Safari in Tanzania

Or any other amazing safari destinations really. I have actually already been on Safari in Tanzania but I don’t think I really appreciated it at the time. I think going on Safari would be such a fun thing to do as a family especially if Darcie stays as animal mad as she is right now. I know that Dan would love it too and we could create some amazing memories in a beautiful part of the world.


I have never been a Disney girl. I haven’t even seen half of the Disney films but since having my own daughter I’m starting to understand the magic of it all. At the moment I have no idea if Darcie will become a girly girl, a tomboy or something in the middle but I think whatever her interests, Disneyland would be an amazing thing for us to experience together. Everyone that goes there says that it is undoubtedly the best family holiday they have ever had, so there must be something in it! I think Disneyland is one to save until the kids are around five years old at least as I know that it would be lost on Darcie at her current age.

Holiday Cottages

This may be a partly nostalgic one for me as we did a lot of this sort of thing when I was a child. We were never a hotel kind of family, we would do holidays in the UK or in France or Spain and rent cute little holiday cottages. They would usually be near the beach and we would spend our days exploring, playing board games and doing things as a family. I love the idea of doing this with my own little family, it could be anywhere in the UK or abroad but the focus is just on exploring the local area and having quality family time.

Camping and Glamping

I did a lot of camping when I was a kid too and I’m still so outdoorsy at heart that I would never turn down a camping holiday. We’re lucky to be right next to the New Forest and so when the kids are a bit older I can imagine us popping down for the weekend, taking the tent and a barbecue and letting the kids live in nature for a bit. We’re actually ticking Glamping off this list in a couple of weeks time! I’m going to be reviewing a stay in a Luxury Yurt and of course bringing Dan and Darcie along for the ride too! It looks absolutely amazing and I’m so excited to see the full extent of what is on offer. The campsite is also a farm and I know Darcie will be in her element around all the animals and we’ll all love spending a couple of days in the great outdoors, but with the luxury of a Mongolian Yurt to cosy up in in the evenings.

Center Parcs

This is one that I would not have been at all fussed with before having kids. But since having Darcie, I can totally see the appeal! They have so many activities for kids to do but also the relaxation side of things for the adults. The idea of having everything you could need or want in one place is so appealing to me these days and so I want to make sure we have a Center Parks break over the next few years. I never thought I would become the sort of Mum who wants to go to Center Parcs, but I have, and I’m alright with it.

Those are just some of my top holidays I would love to take as a family. I could go on forever I’m sure but that’s probably enough for now. I’d love to hear any suggestions you might have too! What has been your best family holiday with young children?

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  1. Jade

    Centerparcs with kids is ace! We did eurocamping last year and really enjoyed it.

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