My Favourite Things About Darcie at 22 Months Old

I’ve always intended to do frequent updates on Darcie as she grows and develops into a little person. But time goes so fast that I never seem to actually get around to just sitting down and writing them. I thought a nice way to do a little update on her at 22 months old would be to write down a few of the things that make her so amazing at this particular point in time. She changes so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up but I hope I’ll stick to writing these lists from time to time.

So here are my favourite things about my funny little 22 month old:

When she runs over to me and gives me the sweetest hug around my legs, and then just looks up at me and says ‘choccat?’ (chocolate!) I won’t even pretend I don’t always give in!

The way she says ‘Di-saur’ for Dinosaur and thinks that rhinos are also dinosaurs.

Her love for dinosaurs in general.

How much she loves going to Paultons Park, especially the carousel and some of the bigger rides that she is now tall enough for. She can be such a little adrenaline junkie.

When she’s tired and she wants a nap and asks for ‘milk and num’ (her dummy).

The way that she loves to be cosy and will snuggle up on the sofa or in the bed under all the blankets and pillows and then declare that she is ‘cosy’.

If anyone, including herself, is hurt she will kiss the hurt better and then say ‘done’.

How good she is at saying ‘pease’ and ‘yeah pease’ unprompted. Also the way that she says please and manages to make it sound more like a threat than a polite request.

How much she loves being outdoors.

The way she just looks at me and says ‘mum’ sometimes as if to just clarify with the universe that I’m her mum and that she is pretty pleased about that.

How excited she gets when Dan gets home from work. She climbs up onto the window sill and yells ‘Daddy!’ so loudly that he can hear her from inside the car.

The way that as soon as he walks in the door she immediately sprints in the other direction, because Daddy is home and that’s great but mainly she just wants him to play chase with her.

The way that if someone has something that she wants, she will just hold out her hand and say ‘some?’

The fact that she is finally starting to eat better and will try way more foods than she would have done a month ago.

When she does Round and Round The Garden to herself and it sounds like ’roundaroundagarda…’ and then she just trails off and giggles.

That she has started to call cats ‘Kitty cats’.

The way that anytime we are drawing or playing with Play Doh and I ask her what she wants me or her to draw/make, she always just says ‘cat’.

The way she pronounces ‘Yoggit’ (yoghurt)

How lovely she is to strangers, waving to them in the street or chatting to them on the bus.

How much she loves looking out the bus window and pointing out everything that she sees. Mainly ‘car’, ‘bus’, ‘tree’ and ‘house’.

How confusing ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ is to her. She says ‘mine’ and I say ‘yes that’s right, it’s yours’ and then she says ‘yours?’ and the whole thing can go on for hours.

Her amazing vocabulary and how much she loves showing off with her flashcards. She can do a least 45 out of the 55 in the pack!

How good she is at building towers and how carefully she adds the blocks when it gets tall and wobbly. And then the way she throws her hands up and says ‘oh no!’ when it falls and then laughs and starts again.

The way that she joins in with adult conversation, nodding her head and saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’ just to be involved or even doing her best fake laugh when everyone else starts laughing.

Her little fake snore when she pretends to go to bed and that she has learnt to fake cry to try and get what she wants!

Waking up next to her in the morning. Usually she is awake before me and is just lying there grinning at me waiting for me to open my eyes. One time I even woke up to her kissing my nose!

Just how loving she is to everyone and everything. She’s kind to animals and so trusting that they won’t bite her when she holds out her hand to them.

Specifically the way that she holds out her hands and does the little kissing noise to get cats to come over and play with her. She usually then screams in excitement and scares them away but the gesture is cute!

I could go on forever, but those are my highlights of Darcie at this age. I used to feel sad about her growing older but she really is just getting better with age!

What are your favourite things about your child at this point in time?

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