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Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation isn’t the same as being tired.
It isn’t the odd bad night-
It’s going to bed every night and knowing that you won’t get rest
Knowing you’ll wake up multiple times before it’s time to ‘wake up’
It’s living every day in a fog that doesn’t lift
It’s forgetting things and making silly mistakes
It’s finding your milk in the cupboard and your phone in the fridge
It’s losing all motivation to get dressed or make plans
It’s irrational thoughts and self doubt
It’s feeling low and snappy
And guilty
It’s feeling defeated by the smallest of tasks
It’s relentless
It takes over

Any sleep deprived mamas reading this. I feel it too. I’m with you.

One day this will all be a distant memory and we’ll look back and say ‘I don’t know how I got through that’

But we did, because we will ❤️

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