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Helpful Items for New Mums

When you enter motherhood, the list of responsibilities you need to face day to day can seem endless. As mention in this post entitled There is Nothing ‘Just’ About Being a Mum, mothers need to make a number of huge decisions for their children, including what to feed them, what to dress them in, and where to take them. Though these responsibilities can seem overwhelming, there are still ways you can make each task more manageable.

For one, if you’re expecting, it can help to sit down and take the time to identify what you need to buy for your baby. Buying the essentials before your due date will take a huge weight off your mind, and your future self will thank you for not needing to add shopping to your already packed schedule. Aside from the usual nappies, clothes, and bottles, here are some suggestions of products a new mum will need:

Baby-Changing Bag

Keep baby essentials like nappies, nappy cream, wipes, and nappy bags organised by placing them in a baby-changing bag. Since they’re designed to keep sanitary items, baby-changing bags are easy to clean and can endure messy spills. Most baby-changing bags will come with several compartments and even insulated pockets, which you can use to carry milk. If you want a baby-changing bag that’s easier to carry around, you can get one with hooks that attach to pushchairs. You also use your baby-changing bag to carry items for yourself such as your purse, lip balm and sanitary products.

Baby Carrier

Baby carriers achieve many things. With a baby carrier, you can keep your baby safe and close while keeping your hands free to do basic tasks. Doing so can help you build a closer bond with your baby. According to Fetal Health Foundation’s article on babywearing, when mothers use baby carriers, their babies become easier to soothe and calm while also being less likely to cry. In a baby carrier, your baby will be able to feel your heartbeat and breathing patterns. They also better hear your voice, which makes them feel safe.

Infant Car Seat

Children in the United Kingdom are legally required to use child car seats until they reach the age of 12 or a height of 135 cm. This reduces their risk of injury while riding automotive vehicles. The Cybex Cloud Q infant car seat is a particularly good investment since it can be adjusted to accommodate two different weight classes. The first angle position it offers can support babies weighing 4-22 pounds, while its second angle position can support babies weighing 22-35 pounds. This way, you won’t need to buy a new car seat once your baby grows.

Pushchairs and Carrycots

Of course, your baby won’t always be weightless and easy to carry. Give your back and shoulders a break by placing your baby in a pushchair. Today, many pushchairs are multifunctional which makes them much more convenient, as well as helping families save money. iCandy’s convertible pushchairs show how some designs can also double as a carrycot and a car seat. When you use these multifunctional pushchairs, you can walk your baby outdoors, take them to the car, and even place them back indoors for a nap without disturbing them.

Breast Pump

If you want your baby to have a steady supply of breast milk even while you’re away, you can purchase a breast pump and express milk for them. As explained in NHS’ overview of breast pumps, mothers can choose between two types of breast pumps: hand-operated manual pumps, which are cheaper, and electric pumps, which, while more expensive, do the job faster. The milk you express through breast pumps can then be stored in refrigerators or frozen. If you want to express milk while performing other house tasks, you can opt for portable pumps, such as the Elvie Single Electric Breast Pump, the Spectra S1, or the Medela Harmony.

When you’re bringing a new addition to the family, there’s no such thing as being too prepared. Alleviate some of that pre-baby anxiety by staying on top of your essentials.

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