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Our Newest Garden Addition | & Discount Code

In typical British weather style, as I am writing this post the rain is pouring down, but prior to whatever is going on today we have recently been blessed with the most beautiful weather. Summer finally arrived in the UK! And promptly disappeared again, but I’m not here to complain about the weather I promise! I am here to tell you all about our newest addition to the garden -the 2.4metre Hyvigor Inflatable Paddling Pool.

We’ve had various paddling pools over the years, most of which haven’t lasted very long, but I could immediately tell that this one is going to be a different story. I love how simple and uncomplicated the design is. As much as the ones with slides, bridges, sprinklers and all the bells and whistles look amazing, I have always found that there is just more to go wrong, and frankly they are a nightmare to clean! This one is a simple rectangle shape, it has three inflatable levels to the sides, and using the Hyvigor pump it inflated within a matter of minutes. I was so impressed at how quick and easy it was to set up, and I’m sure we can all agree that the quicker the better when you have two young children desperate to get in!

One thing which has really struck me is just how sturdy the pool seems to be. Darcie has been hopping in and out consistently over the last few days, sitting on the sides and just generally putting it through it’s paces, and through it all it has held its shape and is showing no signs of weakness. I also love how easy it is to let the water out. I’m sure I’m not the only person who ends up having to clean out the paddling pool far more often than I would like, as the kids trek all sorts of mud and grass into it over the course of the day. This pool has two plugs, one of which has a convenient drain pipe which you can use to attach your hose to drain the water away from the pool, and into the flower beds. I absolutely love this feature as usually we would just end up with a swamp on the grass after emptying the pool.

The pool also comes with three beach balls which the kids have had so much fun playing with, both in and out of the pool. You really can’t beat a paddling pool in the Summer, and I’m so pleased that we now have one that is well made and sturdy enough to last us for many years to come. The children can happily splash around in the pool while Dan and I relax on the hammocks – perfection!

If you are in need of a paddling pool for when the sunshine returns (fingers crossed!), Hyvigor have kindly given me a couple of discount codes to share with you all:

For 15% off the 2.4 metre pool click here and enter this code CZ49BFED

For 15% off the 3 metre pool click here and enter this code 8TIK9SP9

Or you can use the code Hyvigor30 for 30% off and free shipping on the official website here.

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