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10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week 22.03.20

Long time readers of this blog will remember the days when I used to manage to churn out one of these lists once a week. They’re some of my favourite posts to look back on but somehow I got out of the habit of writing them. In the light of everything that is going on right now, I have decided to bring them back. Because although these are very difficult times for all of us, there is still a lot to be happy about and thankful for. This week we’ve been in self isolation after returning from Spain and Ernie has got chicken pox, but there have still been countless things that have made me smile, and I want to record some of them here. So that I can look back at this bizarre period of time and remember the good bits, not just the news headlines. Here are ten things that have made me happy this week: (more…)

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