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10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week 22.03.20

Long time readers of this blog will remember the days when I used to manage to churn out one of these lists once a week. They’re some of my favourite posts to look back on but somehow I got out of the habit of writing them. In the light of everything that is going on right now, I have decided to bring them back. Because although these are very difficult times for all of us, there is still a lot to be happy about and thankful for. This week we’ve been in self isolation after returning from Spain and Ernie has got chicken pox, but there have still been countless things that have made me smile, and I want to record some of them here. So that I can look back at this bizarre period of time and remember the good bits, not just the news headlines. Here are ten things that have made me happy this week:

Ernie’s Speech

Spending three days with his grandparents last week has done wonders for Ernie’s speech. It has taken him a while to say very much but the words are getting clearer and more varied by the day. My favourite’s this week have been ‘night night’, ‘more’ and a noise that sounds very much like ‘love you’ said in response to me. He’s also been babbling all sorts of gobbledegook so I’m sure more words are on the way!

Animal Noises

Similar to the last one but Ernie’s started doing all sorts of animal noises. He can say ‘meow’ and ‘moo’, makes a crazy barking noise and pulls the cutest face whilst saying ‘ooh ooh aah aah’ for a monkey. He also loves running around the house with toy dinosaurs saying ‘rahhhhh!’. It’s just the sweetest thing, he has so much fun with it and is so proud of himself. I’m proud of him too.

Stories in the Garden

Today Darcie and I sat in the garden to read some stories. I’m finding being in self isolation is making me want to switch things up a bit and so while Dan was putting Ernie down for a nap, we took some books and blankets out into the garden and ready about a million stories together. It was sunny, but the wind was cold, and it was just perfect cuddled up in our blankets and having quality time together.


I’ve had a few really lovely deliveries this week which has really lifted my spirits. While the country is dealing with COVID 19, it’s an uncertain time for all of us and I know that brand collaborations will be less frequent over the coming months. I’ve had a few trips and collaborations cancelled which has been totally understandable, but still a shame, and it’s been getting me down a little. So to still receive some deliveries and PR parcels has been lovely and as always I feel so blessed to work with such fabulous brands.


Darcie and I enjoyed baking a cake this week. We couldn’t get hold of any eggs so it was all a bit experimental – blog post to follow – but it actually turned out really tasty! Darcie just loves baking and it’s nice to still be able to do that together. It made me realise how many lovely things we can do together at home, which makes self isolating seem a lot less daunting.


Great music makes being stuck at home a lot easier. I love choosing a Spotify playlist depending on my mood and playing it in the background of whatever we are doing. I usually go for some throwback tunes or something quite upbeat and it really helps my mood stay up throughout the day.

Ernie Discovered Pop Tarts

Before we the government advice changed and we started self isolating I managed to get to ASDA and do a food shop. There were something I couldn’t get hold of which didn’t bother me too much as it was an opportunity to try some new things. But one thing I did find, which are usually out of stock, was Pop Tarts. I got them with Darcie in mind but later when I checked the box I discovered they were dairy free so Ernie could try them too. His appetite has been really bad recently but he scoffed a whole one in about 30 seconds and absolutely loved it which made me very happy. His appetite is starting to come back now and I’m so relieved!

Co Sleeping

Ernie has never shown an interest in being in our bed but his chicken pox have really been bothering him at night. We haven’t had many good nights this week but last night I ended up bringing him into our bed and it was the best night we’ve had in a long time. It’s just so nice how calm and settled both the kids feel in our bed – we just need to get an 8 foot bed to accommodate us all! I don’t think this will be a long term thing for Ernie but it’s really lovely for now.


The Instagram community can really be amazing and in times like these, when a lot of us are self isolating, it’s more comforting than ever to at least have access to the same faces through my phone. The community has really banded together, offering help where possible and sharing words of comfort and support. It’s uplifting and I feel ever grateful for it.

The Sunshine

I’ve been so grateful for the sun this week, and the garden! We hadn’t spent much time int he garden yet this year, until this week, and we are all really enjoying it. It makes staying at home a lot more bearable and I’m so thankful. The sun shining has just been an added bonus and has really lifted my spirits!

What has made you happy this week?



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