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A Big Change
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A Big Change

Now we are in February, I’m acutely aware of how late I am for posting all about my goals for this year, and also my reflections of 2019. Do not fear, those posts are on the way (for now you can read last years goals and my round up of 2018 if you’re feeling nosy) but for now I just wanted to write about one of the biggest changes that the last six months has brought me. Confidence with driving! I know, I didn’t ever think I’d be writing that down either but here we are! if you’re a long time reader or a follower on Instagram, then you will know all about how much I have struggled with this. Driving has been my biggest fear I’ve ever had to overcome, I’m not sure I’ll ever totally do it but my confidence compared to this time last year is amazing. (more…)

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