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Are The ‘Good Old Days’ Of Instagram Over?

I think a lot of us have had a love hate relationship with Instagram for a long time now. I know that my own relationship with it has been through many different phases. I used to have an Instagram account way before I knew that you could even do Instagram. I posted photos of my coffee, my lunch and my everyday life with the occasional selfie thrown in for good measure. I didn’t open the app everyday, only when I had something I wanted to share, which would be in the moment – ‘instant’ and I absolutely never cared about how many likes a picture got or my follower count. (more…)

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My Goals For 2019

If there’s one trait that I’ve developed over the past few years, it is my total love for setting goals. I’m a strong believer in the power of writing goals down and putting them out there for the universe. Last year I didn’t do this as a blog post, but I wrote down a few very specific goals in a notebook and kept referring back to them throughout the year to see how I was doing. And I’m happy to say that I achieved most of them! This year I am going to make myself even more accountable and share them with you all here. That way I’m even more likely to work towards them and hopefully in a years time I will be sitting here writing that I have checked them off. I recently got a phone case which has the phrase ‘Don’t Stop Until You Are Proud’ written on it, and that is basically what all of these goals amount to. I want 2019 to be the year that I can say that I am proud of all areas of my life.¬†However, I think it’s important to be specific with goals and resolutions so I have split them down into categories and smaller aspirations which I will share with you now. (more…)

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