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Through My Baby’s Eyes

IMG_7248.JPGOne of my favourite things about being a Mum is getting to experience life through my daughter’s eyes. To a baby everything is exciting, every day she is seeing new things, new colours, new textures. She finds joy in everything she sees, which is sadly something we lose as we grow older. Every leaf is a new colour, every day is a new sky, every passerby is a new friend and every toy is a new adventure.

Sometimes we will be walking along, her in her pram, and she will start cooing or smiling at something. I stop and look around trying to work out what has brought her so much delight that I would not have even given a second thought to if it hadn’t been for her. Sometimes I can see what is is that has made her so happy and other times I suppose my adult eyes are just too blind to see what hers are so attuned to.

A few of her most recent favourite things are the TV remote, the ceiling lights in Sports Direct, her toy butterfly, her changing bag, the packet of baby wipes and her cot mobile. Once you think about it, it is┬ámore obvious why she would love them, it’s the colours, the textures, the sound of the baby wipe packet when she scrunches it in her tiny hands.

I’m loving learning to see the world through the eyes of a baby and I’m so grateful to my beautiful girl for teaching me to appreciate the little things.

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