Things I’ve Learned About Myself Since Becoming a Mum

I don’t care about my appearance as much as I thought.
Sure it’s nice to look nice but sometimes it’s even nicer to be comfortable or to have ten minutes spent watching telly not straightening my hair.

Nobody else really cares either.
The days when I make an effort are the same as days when I don’t. Nobody heckles me in the street for not wearing make up and I have never been shunned at a baby group for my messy hair.

I can cope with less sleep than I thought humanly possible.
Sleep deprivation is a form of torture and all parents can understand why. Caring for Darcie is undoubtedly the most demanding thing I’ve ever done and yet I can do it on less sleep than I’ve ever had.

I have perseverance.
I persevered through labour, I persevered through the pain of breastfeeding and I persevere to raise Darcie the best I can on a daily basis.

I have realised the importance of family.
I would never have called myself a ‘family person’ but it has become so important to me for Darcie to grow up close to her family and for us to be strong and supportive unit for her.

I like to be needed.
I’ve always tried to stay away from needy people but since giving birth to the neediest person I’ve ever met I’ve realised I really love being needed. As much as I want to raise her to be independent, the thought of her not needing me is so upsetting.

Enough of the good stuff, now it’s confession time.

I’ve become a worrier.
I’ve always thought I was just a chilled out, care-free kinda gal, but it turns out I’ve just never had anything this important to worry about before!

I’m not very good at making decisions.
To be fair I knew this one already but I think it becomes more of an issue once have kids. Having to make decisions on how to raise a child can be tough so it really helps to know your own mind on things and not be swayed too much by the people around you (something I am definitely guilty of).

I can be mean…
To Dan…when I’ve had no sleep…Sorry Dan.

I can be one of those “judgemental Mums”.
I think we can all be guilty of this, we see a Mum doing something in a way that we wouldn’t and make a judgement. I’m trying hard to stop myself from dong this but it is tough sometimes.

I really miss having time for myself.
I love being a Mum and spending so much time with Darcie but I have found myself fantasising about having a whole day to myself. The thought of having a full night sleep and waking up naturally not when Darcie decides, a leisurely breakfast and a hot cup of coffee and then spending the day exactly how I want, that is what dreams are made of right now.

I think it’s great how much motherhood teaches us not only about caring for a baby but also about ourselves. This is only the beginning of this crazy journey so who knows what kind of bewildered-helicopter-parent-zombie-stress-head I’ll become!

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  1. tendingtobaby

    I could have written this myself, right down to the mean part!

  2. missmummylife

    Love this! Couldn’t have put it better myself! X

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