Maternity & Nursing Style Picks September 2017

I think any breastfeeding Mum knows the struggle of finding clothes that are nursing friendly but that actually look nice as well. This has been a big personal battle for me, especially in the beginning when they are feeding so frequently and there’s not chance of ‘well maybe she won’t need a feed…’

I’ve recently discovered that ASOS have a fantastic range of nursing and maternity wear and I really wish I’d found this sooner! I’ve put together some of my favourite pieces for any nursing Mamas out there who just want to wear something stylish again. Being a Mum is hard enough without feeling frumpy on top of everything else.
This is easily my favourite piece on the whole list. With Autumn approaching, this just looks so comfy!
2. Floral Dress £45.50
For anyone with a September Wedding or Christening coming up.
3. Striped Top £25
This is a great everyday ‘Mum Tee’. I virtually lived in things similar to this in the early days.
4. Pink Log Sleeved Top £15
Another great every day tee. Long sleeves will be good if this dreary weather continues.
5. Blue Floral Wrap Dress £32
Another one for anyone with a fancy occasion coming up. Or even for an afternoon tea or brunch date.
6. Pink Lace Nursing Bra £16
Woah! An actually pretty nursing bra? I don’t need to say any more.
7. Pink Wrap Dress £14
This dress would be great for those days when you need something more than your standard jeans and tee.
8. Stripe Sweatshirt £22
This looks so cosy for an everyday look as Autumn approaches.
9. Pink Scallop Detail Dress £30
This dress was too pretty not to include and you never know, maybe we’ll get a few more sunny days!
I hope that my list might have provided some inspiration for you, I’m definitely going to be getting my nursing wardrobe from ASOS next time!
*This post contains affiliate links, which doesn’t affect you as a reader/purchaser but I may receive a small commission for any products bought (babies gotta eat and all that!).

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