Dear Darcie, Welcome to Autumn

IMG_6391Dear Darcie,

I really think you’re going to love this time of year. Already we have been for so many puddle-splashing adventures and you’ve spent hours playing with sticks and acorns. I always want you to continue to find joy in every season. We’ve had a summer of hot sticky days; you’ve had your first ice cream and discovered how fun it is to play in the sand and run away from the cold British sea. Now it’s time for us to find new and exciting things to do in Autumn, it’s time for warm coats and pom pom hats and for us to enjoy this new season. Welcome to Autumn, Darcie May.


Welcome to chilly mornings in slipper socks and snuggling up on the sofa together before the sun comes up.

Welcome to putting on your welly boots and heading off to find the biggest puddles we can and come home drenched and muddy and happy.


Welcome to long walks with crunchy red and orange leaves that you can throw in the air and giggle with delight.

Welcome to sneaky sips of Mummy’s hot chocolate and finding any excuse we can to go out for a chocolate cake date.


Welcome to Bonfire Night and throwing routine out the window to stay up late and watch the sky fill with fireworks.

Welcome to the build up to Christmas, my favourite time of year, we’ll see streets covered in fairy lights, the weather get colder and the jumpers get cosier.


So, welcome to Autumn, Darcie, you’re going to love it!

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