How To Look Like You’ve Got It All Together (Even When You Really Don’t!)


We’ve all been there. You’ve been really organised the night before and you’ve been rushing around since 6am, but come 9 o clock when you need to be out the door, the baby has a poo explosion or your toddler decides to try and climb up the chimney. Or there are the days when your house looks like a bomb has hit it and you get a call to say someone is on their way to see you and you have to run around like a maniac with the toy box and the Febreze before they arrive.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to have it all together; you just don’t. And it’s in these times that I think it’s handy to have a few tricks up your sleeve so at least Judgemental Judy won’t cotton on to how hectic your morning (or your life) has really been. This doesn’t just apply to parents; I’ve always been a disorganised, kind of girl! So I asked some blogger pals for their best tips to share with you all to help you fake it till you make it and at least look like you have it together even if you really don’t.

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For The House

My main tip for looking like you have the housework under control is to always get the big jobs out of the way as soon as you can. That way if you suddenly get a five minute visitor warning you can just do a quick tidy up and you won’t be frantically putting laundry away or desperately scrubbing toilets before they arrive. Air freshener is also an essential in my eyes, a home that smells nice always appears tidier and cleaner. We have a couple of plug ins and I also always have some aerosols to spritz around before visitors arrive.

“I have a million wicker baskets scattered all around the house which house miscellaneous tat. I like to think I’m tidy and they’re decorative when in fact I’m just a bit lazy! They are super handy for last minute visitors as you can chuck any/everything in them though!” Beth – Twinderelmo

“Your front door/hallway and living room give someone an impression right from the start. Make it so they want to return.” Helena – The Queen Of Collage

“Flicking the plug in air freshener on my way out the door makes me feel better about coming home to a front room full of toys-because it smells lovely-it can’t be a messy house if it smells lovely, right?” Jemma –Mayflower Blogs

“I always have the desk area spotless and then a little section behind the desk area that looks all neat and tidy. When the grandparents Facetime us to see our son the square that they see looks spotless. Of course if the camera panned out the view would be very different…” Christy – Welsh Mum

I have Zoflora mixed up in a cheap plastic spray bottle – if I can’t be bothered to clean if someone is coming over I just spray the curtains and sofas and the place smells fabulous!” Emma – The Money Whisperer


For You

I always get ready for the day at the earliest opportunity. Even if that means doing my make up at 6am, at least I know I won’t be rushing to do it later and who knows if there will even be another chance! Staying on top of the laundry is also the best way to avoid any dubious outfit combinations when you are just grabbing something to throw on before you get out the door.

“My capsule wardrobe. Everything goes with everything so I don’t have to worry about not being able to find anything to wear. I just open the wardrobe and pull out an outfit pull my hair into a ponytail or messy bun and I’m ready to face the world.” Debbie – My Chaotically Eclectic Life

“Dry shampoo and wear your hair up. Lipstick or gloss is a definite improvement. Dust bronzing powder over your face so you don’t look so dead! Spritz some perfume and smile smile smile…” Ronnie 

“My hair either has to be clean or I dry shampoo it over night so it looks clean and I put some eyebrow pencil through my brows or I have them tinted beforehand so they don’t need it and I’m good to go!! These are my two essentials for faking it it until you make it!!” Sophie – Soph Obsessed

“Dry shampoo, eyebrow’s pencilled and a bit of mascara works wonders for me. I feel like I look human and not the bedraggled mum who was up at the crack of dawn!” Becky – Little, Big And Me

“Have your eye brows and lashes tinted regularly, a bit of tinted moisturiser in the morning and your school run ready! Another tip is to do your own gel nails, having your nails done instantly makes you look put together” Pip – Pip Milburn

So, there we have it! I’d also like to point out that it really doesn’t matter if you don’t have it all together all of the time, I don’t think any of us do really, just some are better than faking it than others!

What are your top tips?

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