Life Lessons From My Toddler

25005547_1883422571687066_7649340400603234304_nDarcie’s speech is coming along nicely these days, every day she learns a new word and with each new development I am honestly amazed by her. She hasn’t quite mastered the art of full sentences yet but if she had I’m pretty sure she would have a few words of advice for us all. But until she manages to get her words in order, here are the life lessons that I think we can all learn from toddlers.

Get outside. Every day. As much as possible.

Play in the mud and splash in the puddles.

If you see an interesting leaf or a funny looking pebble, then pick it up, have a good look and then either put it back where you found it or keep it in your hand until something better comes along.

If you want to spend half an hour transporting stones from one area of the garden to another for no particular reason, go for it.

Play as much as possible. Everything can be a game.

Who cares what the weather is doing! Put on your raincoat and wellies or your shorts and a hat and just go and do something.

Wear as many colours as you possibly can on a daily basis.

Take the time to notice the little details in life, the cats you pass on the street, the dogs that wag their tails at you.

Say ‘hi’ to everyone and give them your best wave. And then when you’re bored of them say ‘bye’ and wave again until they go.

Everyone is a potential new friend. Go over and talk to them until they like you.

If you behave well, then nice things will happen. Good behaviour is rewarded so it pays to at least pretend to enjoy your Great Aunt’s company or to look at the new toy she gave you for more than two seconds.

However, if you’re not interested in something anymore, just go and find something better to do.

Read books. Take the time to sit down and really look at the pictures and take in the words. Read eight books at once if it will make you happy.

Make music and sing whenever possible. See a guitar, play it. Find a piano, whack it until it makes a tune.

Dance too. Dancing is fun. If you spin really fast in a circle, you’ll fall over and that’s funny.

Eat pasta every day if you want to. And then have cake. Lots of cake.

If no one is giving you cake, yell ‘CAKE’ until someone brings you some.

Similarly if you don’t like the food you’ve been given, just make enough of a fuss until they bring you something else.

Have a warm bubble bath before bed every day. Splash as much as you like and then snuggle up in a cosy towel.

Always make sure someone gives you some milk and reads you a story before bed.

If you wake up in the night and you need something just yell and all your problems will be solved.

Wake up the next morning and repeat.

Oh to be a toddler again…


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