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10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week 03.02.18

This week has been a good week all around and so this may have been the easiest list I’ve written so far. This week has been about family time, being outside and giving ourselves a break. What more could I ask for?

Taking Darcie to the park

Our local park has been waterlogged for so long now, that we haven’t been going anywhere near as frequently as we usually do. On Monday I decided to put Darcie in her wellies and take her anyway and she was so, so happy to see her little park for the first time in ages. She was thrilled to go on the swing and climb up the climbing frame and go down the slide. She’s so good now at getting herself up to the top and carefully swinging her legs around to slide back down again. It’s lovely when doing little, easy things like this can bring her so much joy.

A visit from Nanna

Darcie’s Nanna came to stay on Tuesday and we had the nicest time. We started with a four hour trip to soft play that Darcie loved every second of. She loves having different people to show off to while she is playing, and she was in her element chucking herself down the slides and playing with all the rocking toys. We all went down the big wave slide together which she was a huge fan of. The next morning we took Darcie to the woods for a walk where she showed Nanna just how good she is at filling her welly boots up with water in the stream. It was so lovely to have this time together and Darcie spent the next few days asking for ‘Nanna?’ after she had gone.

Dan having time off work

Dan had three days off work this week for our first little family holiday together. He hardly ever takes time off work and so it’s always extra special when he does. It’s lovely for him and Darcie to get lots of quality time together as well as for us all to spend time as a family of course.

Going Glamping

You can expect many more blog posts about this but this week we had out first little trip away as a family to Caalm Camp in Dorset where we stayed in a luxurious Mongolian Yurt. We had never been glamping before and it was Darcie’s first real holiday so it was  new experiences all around. We honestly had the best time away and I was sad to leave on Friday. The Dorset Countryside was so peaceful and relaxing, even with a toddler, and we all came home feeling refreshed and happy for having had such a nice time.

Lulworth Cove

We decided to take a day trip to Lulworth Cove while we were away which was lovely as I hadn’t been since a holiday with my family many years ago. It was great to take Darcie there and we spent a long time pottering around on the bench and throwing, oh so many, stones into the sea.

Sleepovers with Darcie

There are two ways of looking at how night times were in the Yurt with Darcie but I’m choosing to look at it in a positive light. Darcie ended up in our bed both nights and it was actually so sweet to have her sleeping in between us. She’s never been one to fall asleep in our bed so it was a novelty for all of us and one we all enjoyed, despite her tiny body managing to take up so much room.

A goat and a sheep

The Yurts are on an old dairy farm and so there is livestock around the site. Darcie made friends with a goat called Ruby and a sheep called Sammy while we were there. Every time we walked in their direction she would yell for them until we took her to say hello, and then as we would leave she would say ‘Bye Ruby, Bye Hammy’. That little girl loves animals and it was lovely for her to spend time in that environment.

Some great food and not having to cook it

Despite the holiday being a self catering one, no self catering actually happened. We were only away for three days and so rather than do a food shop and cook for ourselves we ate out everyday. We hardly ever do this and so it was a rare treat to get to eat some delicious food and not have to do any cooking or washing up for the holiday.

Lots of kicks

I’ve felt so many more kicks this week. Sunday will mark the half way point of this pregnancy and I’m starting to feel it more and more. It’s so easy to forget that I am even pregnant as Darcie keeps me so distracted, but when I get a little kick it is such a sweet reminder of the little baby that is growing away in there.

A weekend of home improvement

We got a new floor in the lounge a couple of weeks ago and this weekend I am looking forward to us finally getting the house sorted. We need to get some more storage for the lounge and also some new accessories for the room (my favourite part, of course). We’ll also be relaxing and enjoying the last couple of days of our family time together before Dan is back to work on Monday.

What has made you happy this week?

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