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Storage Solutions for Families

Storage solutions are one of those things that I never paid any attention to before having children. There was just always enough storage for my possessions and if there wasn’t I would have a clear out or shove some stuff up into the loft. However since becoming a mum, I’ve noticed that a common go to topic of conversation is ‘oh my goodness, where am I supposed to store all of this stuff?!’ So, I’m clearly not alone in feeling like there is just never enough room to accommodate all of the paraphernalia that comes with having a child. We’ve been having a big ol’ sort out since falling pregnant with baby number two. We live in a three bedroom house and so once this little baby comes along we will lose the luxury we have always had; a spare room. Our spare room isn’t actually a dumping ground as many are. It is currently my office, the space where my supplies for my handmade business are stored and also where mine and Dan’s wardrobes are. All of this stuff is stuff that we need and so it’s not just a  case of throwing it all out. We need to find actual proper storage solutions for it all.

Since starting this process we’ve invested in come new storage solutions and also picked up some tips and tricks on how to make more space in out family home. I thought I would share them with you all, because I’m sure lots of us could do with having a lot more space! So, in less an extension is on the cards, here is my advice for you.

Furniture with Hidden Storage

I’m talking ottomans, beds with drawers etc. Our sofa is an L shape and one side of it opens up into a huge ottoman which is so handy for extra hidden storage. We used to waste this storage on DVDs that never got watched and coffee table books that never got read. We have now moved all of those things into boxes in the garage and are using the space for some of Darcie’s bigger toys. This means we don’t have to have them out on display the whole time and also makes it more exciting for her when she gets to play with them as they have become a novelty.

Built in Wardrobes

This is majorly on my wish list. Built in wardrobes are an absolute lifesaver when it comes to saving space as they don’t overwhelm a room in the same way that most wardrobes do. Our bedroom is deceptively small and it would be so handy to have built in wardrobes with sliding doors that we could easily store all of our clothes in. I’m not sure if this will be an option for us but we certainly need to think of a solution as to where on earth all of our clothes are going to be kept.

Everything Has a Place

Well, everything should have a place! I’m sure we aren’t the only ones who have draws that are just filled with miscellaneous clutter. This is such a waste of space because often when you actually sort through these drawers of doom you find that a lot of it can go in the bin or be recycled and the rest of it could be stored better elsewhere. Once you’ve sorted through the clutter you are left with an empty draw that can now have a purpose and be a useful place for you to keep the things that really need a home.

Cube Storage Units

Find me a parent that doesn’t own a cube storage unit and I can guarantee that they will cave and buy one soon! I was one of these rare creatures that hadn’t succumbed the temptation of a cube storage unit. And then I did. They are so handy as a child friendly way of storing toys, books and anything else that you just want to hide away at the end of the day. They are so cheap too and provide a lot more storage space than you’d think from looking at them.

Storage Within Storage

What could be better than storage within storage? I’m talking about kitchen cupboards that are tall enough to hold a a bottle of vinegar but that is instead full up of spices that are only about a third of the height of the space. Think about adding extra shelves within cupboards or buying little boxes or tiny draw units to really utilise all that wasted space. You can even glue storage boxes inside cupboard doors to create a whole new space for you to keep things, all neatly hidden away.

Rotate Your Clothes

Sometimes finding a space to keep everything is near to impossible and in those times you have to think about whether you actually need the item to hand at all. I always put away Summer clothes in the Winter and vice versa. Of course there are some items that I wear all year round but things like Christmas Jumpers and fluffy coats can definitely be relegated to the attic in the Summer and the you can swap them and put away the bikinis at Christmas time. If you have an attic or a garage, make use of it. Make sure that everything is stored properly (I’ve started using vacuum bags which are excellent!) and then you can get things out and put them away as needs be.

I hope some of these tips have been helpful and I would love to hear some of your top tips too!

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  1. These are such handy tips thank you! We’re moving into our new home tomorrow (can’t believe I’m actually typing that!) but I’ve been constantly worrying about storage as it’s an apartment so no loft or secret store room to hide everything.

    Soffy // themumaffairs.blogspot.com

    1. I’m glad you found them helpful! Good luck in your new home! x

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