Family Time

Most of you will have picked up by now that I am a BIG advocate for family time. Nothing makes me happier than spending quality time with my little family unit, doing something we all enjoy and just making the most of each other’s company. We all work so hard to earn money, keep the house presentable, raise the children, that I think it’s so important that we take the time to enjoy ourselves amongst the chaos too. It’s good to remember what we are all working so hard for and why it is all worth it.

We had a lovely family day today. One of our favourite places to go together, Paulton’s Park, has reopened after the Winter and so we keenly headed off there as soon as we could. Because the weather is still pretty miserable, the park was quite quiet which was perfect as it meant we could go on the rides without Darcie getting bored in the queues and we could enjoy lunch and soft play without the usual crowds. We had such a nice time! Darcie is just that little bit older this year that means she can enjoy the whole park a lot more than she was able to last year. She is tall enough to go on some of the ‘big’ rides now which is something that my little adrenaline junkie was very happy about. She’s also big enough to explore new parts of the soft play and we can worry slightly less about her being trampled on by the bigger kids.

One of the reasons why I love family days out like this so much is that they are a chance for Dan and Darcie to spend real, quality time together. I often feel like I get to do a lot of the best bits of parenting while sometimes all Dan gets is a rushed Goodbye in the morning and then a dose of grumpy toddler in the evenings. It’s lovely for us all to have a nice time together at the weekends but I try to make sure that Dan gets to do lots of the nice bits. Darcie and I often go to Paulton’s during the week with friends so when we go with Dan, it’s nice for him to get to take her on the rides or to go down the slide with her at soft play.

I love that Darcie will have so many happy memories of spending family time together as she grows up. I love that we get to treat her to days of chips and cake and crazy roller coaster fun. She’s our special little girl and she deserves the world and more.

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    Nice blog, family time is the most important time, I really love the quality of these photo, your family is lovely.

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