Ernie At Two Months Old

I’m late, oh I’m so late with this! Only his second ever update and I’m so late with it that I was torn whether or not just to leave it and wait for the three month update. But I would love to have a full set for the first year of his life, so here we are. He is now closer three months but I will write what I can remember from a couple of weeks ago with some mention of how he is doing now too!


We had him weighed at five and a half weeks and then again at ten weeks. At five and a half weeks old he weighed 14lbs exactly and then at ten weeks he was up to 15lbs 6oz. So when he was two months old exactly he must have weighed somewhere in the middle of those two numbers! He has dropped from the 98th percentile to the 91st which they are happy with. His large size was a surprise at birth because neither of us or our families are particularly big, so the doctor has told me he is quite likely to even out over the next year or so. He is still wearing size 2 nappies but they are getting tight so when we next run out I’ll be buying size three. On his top half he is wearing 6-9 month clothing and on his bottom half he wears 3-6. He is currently wearing clothes that I had bought to fit him at Christmas, so Christmas has come early in our house with penguins and snowflakes making the odd appearance. I forget how big he is until I see him around other babies of a similar age and then he just looks like a giant!


Development wise, he’s doing pretty much everything I would expect! He is still exceptionally strong with his head and his legs and can basically hold his head himself all of the time. He continuously tries to stand up when I hold him against my chest. He is very alert when he is awake and is interested in everything around him. He smiles and coos so easily and is a delight to be around! He’ll happily sit in his bouncy chair, in his highchair (reclined) or lie on a play mat and just watch what is going on around him. He loves it when I sing and when my hair tickles his face as I am changing his nappy. He is already trying to grab and reach out for things too which I think is quite advanced for his age, I don’t remember Darcie doing that so young. He rolled over the other day which was partly to do with the slope of the bed, but still – I really don’t think it will be too long!


We’re still incredibly lucky with his sleep. On average he will wake two or three times a night and we generally get four hour stretches between feeds. He’s done the occasional six to eight hour stretch too which have been amazing! I’m really hoping the stretches just continue to get longer and longer and hopefully he’ll be sleeping through before we know it. In the day time he isn’t napping quite so easily. As he becomes more alert and aware of his surroundings he often gets distracted from falling asleep, you can’t blame him really when there is a manic toddler on the loose. The other day Darcie got out her recorder while he was napping and I said to her ‘remember don’t play that loudly around Ernie when he’s sleeping’. The next thing I heard was the recorder playing and when I walked into the lounge she was leaning over his Moses Basket playing as quietly as she could (not very quietly!) …not quite what I meant! So yes, you can see why he doesn’t always sleep as much in the day times! Some days however, he sleeps through it all, so no two days are the same!


We are still breastfeeding, and he feeds quite a bit during the day. We haven’t given him a dummy so I know he uses me for comfort sometimes too, but I don’t mind. As a second baby, he doesn’t get a huge amount of attention so I quite like that he feeds often throughout the day because, although it can be inconvenient, it’s nice to get that chance to reconnect with him. He has the odd day when he will cluster feed in the evenings but generally feeds are between five and twenty minutes, every few hours. We tried to get him to take a bottle of expressed milk as I had a hen party to go to. He refused at first but he did eventually take two bottles, on different days. However when I actually left to go to the party he totally refused and we ended up with a boob drive through kind of situation with Dan’s lovely Nan bringing him to me for a feed and then taking him away again! So we are still battling to get him to take a bottle but I’ll probably do a whole post on that topic eventually.

So that’s the basics covered for this month. As for the rest of us, I would say we have totally adjusted to life as a family of four now. Darcie went through a couple of difficult phases around the time he was born, but I think that was more down to her age than the arrival of her baby brother. She loves him so much and always asks me if she can cuddle him. When she wants my full attention again she tells me to ‘put baby in bed now Mummy’ and can’t quite understand that ‘baby’ isn’t just a toy you can pick up and put down as and when you get bored!

Ernie is the most gorgeous, happy little chunk. I can’t believe time is flying by so quickly and that I nearly have a three month old!

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