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MyHummy Snoozy Review & Giveaway

‘How does he sleep?’ For some reason, once a baby is born this becomes the most important question on everyone’s mind. Quite possibly because newborns only really sleep and poo and no one wants to ask about the latter. It was a question I used to dread when Darcie was a newborn, I hated having to painfully admit that my baby would only ever settle on my chest and screamed to the high heavens if I so much as thought about putting her in her Moses Basket. But we’re not here to reminisce over those difficult times, we’re here to talk about Ernie’s sleep and most importantly, the wonderful invention that is the myHummy.

I’m sure most people reading this will know what a myHummy is but for anyone who has stumbled here by accident – a myHummy is essentially a white noise machine. They are renowned for helping babies to sleep and enabling parents to keep their sanity. There are a few similar products on the market and I know that as an expectant parent it can be hard to know if they are worth the hype and if they are, then which one to choose. So here I am to share my thoughts on the myHummy in the hopes that this post can be helpful to anyone deliberating the pros and cons of various white noise machines.

Choosing Your MyHummy

There are two main types of myHummy; the Snoozy and the Teddy Bears. As far as I am aware, the only difference between the two is simply how they look. So that at least makes one easy decision! I personally preferred the look of the Snoozy and chose the light grey colour because that was the general theme I was going for in my baby preparations. I have heard that the Teddy Bears are quite big so that is something to bear in mind when choosing your myHummy.

The Snoozy

I fell in love with the Snoozy when it arrived. Not only does it have an adorable face but it is also so beautifully soft, perfect for a babies nursery. The light grey colour is perfect and it can be washed at 40 degrees (once you take the sound machine out!). It is a good size too, big enough that it doesn’t get lost in a heap of baby paraphernalia but also small enough not to be too overbearing in the room. I know that when Ernie is older he will love cuddling it too.


When the myHummy arrives, the sound machine part comes separately to the toy. It requires three AAA batteries (not included), you will need a small screwdriver to put the batteries in and then the sound machine can be zipped inside the toy. The humming device is in the shape of a heart which I think is a really sweet detail.

Features & Settings

The myHummy has one button on the sound machine which you use to switch between modes and settings. The instructions are very comprehensible on how to do this but it is easier if you have a Bluetooth model that you can control with your phone – more on this later! The myHummy has five sounds to choose from;Β amniotic fluid with heartbeat, rainfall, sea waves, hairdryer and vacuum cleaner. You can also change the volume and the duration of the noise. One of the features which sets it apart from any other similar product on the market is the ‘Non Stop Mode’ which will play solidly for 12 hours which is a lifesaver if you have a particularly light sleeper who might wake when the sound goes off. Another amazing feature is the Sleep Sensor which senses your child’s movements and turns the sound on again if they stir or begin to wake up. The sound always fades up or down too so there are no sudden noises or silences.

Bluetooth Model

As I mentioned earlier, you can fully control the myHummy using the button on the humming device however life can be made even easier if you go for a Bluetooth Model. If you have a Bluetooth Model you can connect the myHummy to your smartphone using an App. From the App you can control the toy and easily switch between modes, alter the volume or even turn it on or off from another room. I would definitely recommend going for a Bluetooth Model as I find it much easier to control with my phone.

So Does It Work?

I’m always a sceptic when it comes to these sorts of things, but I can honestly say – yes, I think it does! Ernie has slept well from birth and we have used the myHummy since the first night we brought him home. The constant white noise helps him to stay settled in his Moses Basket and it is a really strong sleep association for him to fall asleep and stay asleep too. I don’t want to claim that it’s a miracle worker and I’m not convinced it would have been enough to cure Darcie’s awful sleep but I absolutely recommend the MyHummy to anyone looking into purchasing a white noise machine for their baby. It is undoubtedly the best one on the market and therefore if your child is receptive to white noise, then this is the one to go for! When Ernie is older and we transition him into sleeping in his cot and in his own room, I’m certain that having the myHummy as a constant sleep association will make those transitions easier.

I’m delighted to be working with myHummy on this post and they have kindly offered to gift one of my lovely readers their very own MyHummy. The winner of the giveaway will be able to choose any myHummy toy from the websiteΒ – and as I said, I would highly recommending going for the Bluetooth option if you are the lucky winner!

To enter the giveaway follow the links below. Each entry option gives you one entry to the giveaway so the more you can tick off – the higher your chances! The giveaway will end at midnight on the 6th October 2018 and is open to UK residents only. Good luck!

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*we were kindly gifted the myHummy Snoozy for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own

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  1. Thanks for the review. James was never a great sleeper so I’m looking at your blog in hope our 2nd will be a good sleeper like Ernie πŸ™‚ x

  2. Thanks for the review. James was never a great sleeper so I’m looking at your blog in hope our 2nd will be a good sleeper like Ernie πŸ™‚ x

    1. I hope they will be too, for your sake!! Darcie still doesn’t sleep now, I’m so grateful for Ernie! Xx

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