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Life Goals

coffee-cup-stack-break.jpgI think it’s a common trait of our generation that we just LOVE setting goals. Whether that be small daily goals or big, ambitious life goals, it is a word that features frequently in our conversations. I try to set myself little daily or weekly goals which give me a good sense of accomplishment when I can tick them off my to do list and I also have a list of bigger goals that are always in the back of my mind. Things that I would really like to look back and think ‘Yes, I’m glad I did that!’ I’ve never actually made a physical list of these bigger goals and so I want to write them down now. This list has grown and changed throughout my life so far and I’m sure that it will continue to do so. But for now, in no particular order, these are my life goals.

Buy A House

I don’t think there are many people who don’t want to achieve this one. For lots of us it can feel like a distant dream as mortgage rates and house prices rise and wages don’t go up anywhere near as fast. However, this is an important one to me and so we will find a way to make it happen. Having a family has really spurred me on to want a ‘family home’ more than ever. A house that we can do up to our exact tastes and watch our children grow up in. I want there to be height charts on the door frames and memories made in every room. Every year I feel this goal becoming more and more achievable and so hopefully in the next few years I will be documenting our house buying process on this blog.

Make This Blog A Success

Success means different things to different people and it means a few different things to me in this particular case. I want it to be successful in that I want my readership to continue to grow, I want to go on to work with more brands and create great content that people love to read and I also want to make a full time income from it. That seems like a lot to ask from my little slice of the internet but considering how much it has grown in the last year or so, I don’t think this is an impossible dream. With the right hard work, commitment and some damn good time management, I know I can make a success of this.

Have A Happy, Healthy Family

Our family is growing again this year and I couldn’t be happier about it. As soon as I had one child, I knew I wanted more and so to find out we are expecting again was such a happy day. It’s a real balancing act trying to maintain parenting, working and also a happy relationship. It takes time and patience to adjust to the changes we encounter along the way but I know that we are all stronger together. I love watching Darcie grow up and become her own person and I can’t wait to meet Ernie and see him start on his journey too. So long as we are all healthy and happy, that is the most important thing.

Open A Shop

This has been on my Life Goals List for such a long time now but it is a dream that I can feel becoming more and more out of reach. Little independent stores seem to meet their death on a daily basis on the high street and more and more I am thinking that trading online is almost certainly the better (less risky!) option. Working from home isn’t always easy but there is just so much to consider, and so much to lose, when opening a physical store. Browsing websites like the Rigby Financial¬†website for Commercial Building Insurance gives me a great insight into how much has to go on behind the scenes of a physical store. I’d also have to contend with commercial rent, overheads and so much else that I just don’t have to worry about working from home. Still, there is just something about having my own physical store that will always pull my heart strings. Who knows how the high street will change over the next few years but if I ever am in the position to open my own store, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be taking that chance.

See More of The World

I love to travel, it is one of the few things in life that make me feel truly free. I wish I could have a whole extra lifetime just to travel the world! But, obviously two lifetimes aren’t available to me so I am just going to have to cram it all into this one instead. I want to take our children with us and explore new countries and cultures. I also want to go off, just Dan and I, the way we always used to and visit the countries left on our very long bucket list. I think travel is the best way to learn about life and so I fully intend on doing as much of it as possible. I want my children to grow up hungry for travel and new experiences and I want to make the most of not being confined to school holidays while we can! It’s a hard one to fit in when so many of my other goals involve being frugal and saving money but I do really want to try and make it a priority again over the next few years.

Be My Best Self

I want to always feel I am being the best version of myself. Particularly now I have children who will (hopefully) look up to me. It is more important that ever to set a good example to them. I want to always be the kindest, most generous, caring version of myself. I want to strive to be Eco conscious and to make a positive impact on the planet and not to leave behind a huge carbon footprint. I want to be a good friend to everyone who I am lucky to call a good friend to me, and I want to do what I can for those in need, who have far less than I do. This is a life goal but one that I can work towards everyday, which is exactly what I try to do.

I could go on adding to this list forever I’m sure. But for now, at the grand age of nearly 24, these feel like my priorities. I wonder which I’ll check off first and which will fall to the wayside as life goes on. I’d like to look back on these in a years time and see what’s changed, what I’ve ticked off and what I can add.

What are your life goals?


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