Pink Blush Maternity Wear

If you pay attention to my blog posts you may have noticed a theme emerging recently; maternity clothes! I’ve been a woman on a mission to find the best maternity clothes to make me feel good and look good too. Having trawled the high street and been frankly unimpressed with most maternity ranges, I was pleased when I discovered Pink Blush. Pink Blush is an online boutique that sell the most gorgeous maternity clothes, from lounge wear to dresses, there really is something for everyone! I was offered to pick two items of clothing to feature on my blog and I honestly struggled so much to choose from the stunning selection that they sell.

One of the things I’ve been particularly keen to find (if you watch my Instagram Stories you will know this!) is some really comfy lounge wear. As a stay at home/ work from home mum I do spend an almost embarrassing amount of time in lounge wear. In the same token I also often have visitors drop round unexpectedly to see us and in those moments I always regret wearing my Christmas pyjamas or short pyjama shorts. I needed something nice and presentable but also crazily comfy, because that’s definitely the most important quality that I look for in maternity clothes.

When I spotted these Floral Pyjama Bottoms, I knew I just had to have them. They looked so comfy in the picture and I love the floral print! When they arrived they were even more comfy that I’d hoped and to be honest, I’ve barely taken them off since! They are so comfy over my growing bump but also so pretty that I don’t feel ashamed to open the door to the postman when I’m still wearing them at midday.

The second item I chose is this Black 3/4 Sleeve Top.¬†While it isn’t exactly the most adventurous piece of clothing, it is so easy to just throw on as an everyday staple. I think it’s a very flattering fit and definitely makes me look pregnant not fat (which is obviously an important distinction!). It’s long enough to wear with leggings or over jeans and the material is so light and floaty that I know I’ll be able to wear this going into the Summer too.

I’m always looking for more maternity wardrobe inspiration, so where are your favourite places to shop when you’re pregnant?

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