5 Apps To Save You Money

ballpen-cellphone-close-up-843266.jpgI know it’s not just me who is always looking for ways to save money. I know this because whenever I post about saving money or living frugally, my stats go through the roof. We live in such an expensive world, sometimes it feels expensive to simply live let alone to splash out for luxuries. It’s too easy to ‘pop into Sainsburies’ and come out £50 poorer and a family day trip these days can set you back well over £100. Months go by and you’re left wondering where on earth all your hard earned money has run off to. With this in mind I decided to put together a list of apps that can actually save you money, one of them can even save you money on that extortionate phone bill you pay out for every month.

Airtime Rewards

I’ve put this one at the beginning because when I discovered this App, I was immediately inspired to put this list together. This App is quite revolutionary in my opinion. My phone bill is so high and each time the amount is taken out of our bank account, I wince at how on earth it can be that high (imagine how many more holidays we could all have if we went back to good old Nokia!). Airtime Rewards is an app that allows you to actually save money on your phone bill. The way that it works is by linking your bank cards to the App and then whenever you spend money at certain retailers you get a discount taken off your phone bill. The retailers that it is valid for include huge stores that most of us shop in anyway so it is such an effortless way to save money. It is compatible with most major networks and I am very excited to see how much money I can save. Oliver Bonas is even on the list of retailers so you can treat yourself to some seriously cute home ware and save money on your phone bill at the same time, dreamy!
I actually have a code you can use if you want to download this App that gets a bonus £2 added to your account, just follow this link and enter this code 6GRHHAQM

O2 Priority

This one is only really applicable if you are an O2 customer. I’ve been on O2 for years and only recently downloaded the O2 Priority App. You can use the app to find offers and discounts on everything from eating out to once in a lifetime experiences. I personally mostly use this App for offers at restaurants as there is such a wide variety of discount codes and eateries on there and you can also see if it is valid in your local branch quickly and easily.

Voucher Cloud

This app is quite similar to O2 Priority really, with one important difference: anyone can use it! This is another one that is so useful for finding discounts on your favourite restaurants or codes to use when you’re next splashing the cash at the shops. You can even use the App to find discounts on travel and places to stay.


We all know about Groupon but how often do you actually think to check for current offers on there? I personally always forget and then kick myself afterwards when I realise I could have found an incredible deal for something that I’ve ended up paying twice the price for. I used to just use the website, but since downloading the App I remember to check for deals and offers much more regularly.


This is an App that comes pre-installed on iPhones that I never even thought to look at until recently. While it doesn’t technically save you money, it is an excellent way of keeping track of your spending, and therefore hopefully end up saving you money. You can also keep a record of any discount codes or vouchers that you have to use, which is handy if you are as forgetful as me (baby brain is real, okay?!).

Those are my top five recommendations for Apps that can save you money. I’d love to know any that you use as well, I need all the help I can get!


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