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Five Ways To Modernise Your Home

apartment-beverage-bottle-544112.jpgI’ve spoken briefly on here before about how we have been gradually modernising our house, but today I thought I would talk in more detail about how we have achieved that without breaking that bank. We don’t own our house and so all of the changes we have made have been as low cost as possible as ultimately we are trying to save for our own property not spend money on this one. I’m sure there are lots of people in the same situation as us so I thought I would share some the ways that we have modernised our home on a budget. I’m also planning a whole post on our lounge makeover so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Ditch The Magnolia

When we moved into this house the walls were all sorts of funky colours. Frankly the magnolia walls were the best in the house as we were also faced with a dark brown spare bedroom and a purple bathroom. Most of the walls had yellow and blue floral wallpaper borders too which had to go! Dan and his Dad went round the whole house with many, many tins of white paint, and by the time they were finished it actually looked like a different house. The rooms all seemed bigger (particularly the one that had been chocolate brown!) and the whole house appeared cleaner, brighter and generally more fitting in the 21st century. I do want to go round and now add some more colour into the house, but whitewashed walls are a good starting point for any other decorating we want to do in the future!

Replace Old Carpets

Our living room had a rather statement deep blue carpet when we moved in. We lived with it for nearly a year, until we decided enough was enough – it had to go! After getting a couple of quotes for new carpets and feeling more than slightly daunted at the price we decided to look into getting laminate flooring instead. We were amazed when the price was literally half of what a carpet was going to be and to be honest it was a no brainer. Not only was it the cheaper option but it is also so practical when you have kids. I no longer have to worry about a spilled drink or Play Doh on the floor, I can just hoover and mop it as often as I need to keep the house clean. We went for a light oak colour which again really brightened up the room, particularity because of how dark the carpet was before. We also now have a neutral base for the room and can accessorise with the colours we choose and not just the ones that look least awful with dark blue.

Add Mirrors & Light Fittings

I love anything that makes the house seem brighter and airier and both mirrors and pretty light fittings achieve this effect. Dan is quite anti-mirror (is that a thing?!) but slowly and surely I’m sneaking them into the house. They can make a room look twice the size which really helps to achieve a modern, bright look. We’ve also replaced all the dark light shades with bright, modern fittings that has made the world of difference to how well lit the rooms are.

Consider Your Curtains

This is next on our list of things to do! Often curtains can be big and bulky and make a window seem smaller than it really is. They can block out the light if not hung correctly and often discolour in the sun. I’m much more tempted to look into blinds and indoor shutters as I think they make a space look much more modern and brighter. We’ve been without bedroom curtains for quite a while now as we decide what we want to put up in there, but we should definitely remedy that soon. No one needs to see this pregnant whale struggling out of her clothes in the evenings!

Cut The Clutter

I can’t quite believe I am saying this as a few years ago I would have proudly referred to myself asĀ  Queen of Clutter. But there days I’m all about the minimal, modern look. I think it could be as a result of having a child, I’ve realised what is important enough to keep and what just isn’t worth dusting anymore! (Frankly, who even has the time to dust anyway?!) Children come with so much of their own clutter that it can be hard to see the wood for the trees, but once you get a bit ruthless with those charity bags and the recycling bin, you’ll be amazed at how much better and more modern your home looks. Having less general clutter means that the things you really care about and want to display can actually be seen!

Those are my top tips for how to modernise a home, I’d love to hear yours too!


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