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Dear Darcie, Welcome To Spring

Dear Darcie,

Spring seems to be giving us the slip so far this year. We’ve been cooped up because of the bad weather and I know we are both ready for adventures in the sun now. Splashing in the puddles will always be fun, and sledging will hopefully be something we can do again next Winter, but for now I’m ready to say Goodbye to winter coats and drizzly days. Last Summer was when you first starting walking and it was amazing for you to be able to explore and have adventures using your new skill. This year will be even better, you’re not just walking now, you’re running, spinning, jumping and dancing. You love to be outside in the fresh air so I just know that Spring and Summer are the seasons for you.
Welcome to Spring, baby girl.

Welcome to longer days and warmer evenings. Playing in the garden after dinner and picnics in the sunshine.

Welcome to spending all our time outside, playing in the garden or going to the park.

Welcome to trips to the beach, splashing in the sea and building castles in the sand.

Welcome to barbecues and lots of time spent with family and friends.

Welcome to wearing dresses that make you smile and say ‘pretty’ when you put them on.

Welcome to the lead up to Summer and the arrival of your baby brother!

Welcome to many, many trips to Paulton’s Park, the farm and the zoo.

Welcome to messy ice creams and candyfloss at the fair.

Welcome to planting seeds in the garden, and checking each day to see if they have grown.

Welcome to the paddling pool becoming a permanent feature in the garden and spending long lazy days in your swimming costume popping in and out of the pool.

Welcome to Spring Darcie May, it’s the best time of the year!

The clothes featured in this post were kindly sent to us by Little Pancakes, I can’t wait to get lots of use out of them this summer!

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