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Dear Ernie, If You Were A Day

Dear Ernie,

If you were a day, you’d be Sunday.

Everyone loves a Sunday.

They’re for the best bits of life.

Sundays for spending with the people who you love the most and doing the things that make your heart happy.

Sundays are for slow starts and long walks in the fresh air.

A big dinner followed by a snooze in your favourite chair.

A board game or jigsaw puzzle.

A roaring fire on a chilly day, or a lazy picnic on a warm one.

Laughing together.

Sundays have nothing to worry about, they are inexplicably content.

Sundays go at their own pace.

I can’t fully explain a Sunday, it’s more of a feeling.

And, it’s the same feeling you give me baby boy.

It might sound crazy, but if you were a day – I know you’d be Sunday.

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