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My Favourite Things About Ernie at 17 Months

My Favourite Things About Ernie at 17 Months

Oh my little Ernie boy. I feel like he doesn’t really get much of a look in on here because essentially since he’s been born I have really struggled to find the time to sit down and write anything. Life with two can be very full on, and I actually mean that in a good way. I love that life feels so full now, the boredom I would sometimes feel at home with one baby is nowhere to be seen these days. And loneliness is mostly a thing of the past too. The only downside really to the fullness of life now is  that I neglect this website more than I would like. I love that I can look back at my posts from two years ago and remember all the little moments with Darcie and the different phases she’s been through. But it hit me recently that I can’t do that so easily with Ernie, because I’m just not writing the posts int he first place to ever be able to look back at them. The perfectionist in me always stops me from writing too as I hate the thought of publishing something in a rush or that I’m not super proud of. But this blog started for me, and it still is mainly for me, so I want to make more of an effort to publish more frequently again. Even if they are just posts for me to look back on, I want to make sure I’m documenting my babies as they grow.

So today I just want to write down some of the things that I love the most about Ernie right now. His little personality shines through like sunshine and there’s a lot that I don’t want to ever forget.

He’s always the first person to hear Dan’s motorbike as he comes home from work. As soon as he hears him he rushes to the front door if we are downstairs, or tries to climb up to look out of his window if we are upstairs, yelling ‘dadadada’ and frantically waving and gesturing to let me know that his Daddy is home.

I love the way he always smacks his gummy mouth together like a little fish. He’ll do it for ages just for fun, and the face he makes when he’s doing it is just the cutest thing. Darcie sometimes joins in with him and when she does he beams with happiness that his big sister is joining in with his game.

He’s really good at giving cuddles. He’s a very confident child and loves to go off and play and do his own thing most of the time but he frequently comes back to find me and give me a cuddle which I love.

Leading on from the cuddles. He’s started initiating cuddles with Darcie too, which they both love and makes my heart explode!

He also tries to tickle her, he gets the cheekiest grin on his face while he does it and she shrieks with laughter that her baby brother is able to tickle her now.

His cheeky face has to have a mention of it’s own. He really is such a happy boy, he’s always smiling or laughing at the smallest of things. He gets this cheeky glint in his eye when he’s about to do something he knows he shouldn’t and it’s just hilarious watching him try to be sneaky.

I love that he plays hide and seek with us and peekaboo behind his hands. I’ll often find him just randomly standing behind one of our long curtains, he’s so happy to be found but then I wonder how long he’s been standing there just waiting for us to realise he’s playing hide and seek!

He loves to be comfy or have a rest for a few seconds. He’ll often move a pillow over and lie down on it for a bit before getting back up again to keep playing and he really loves getting comfy on the sofa to enjoy a drink or a snack. Darcie has always resisted my attempts to get cosy or comfy (no idea why!), so for Ernie to relish those moments as much as I do is really lovely.

He doesn’t say much, in fact he says ‘there’, ‘yeah’ ‘dada’ and a hello noise. But those four noises certainly get a lot of use! He’s very good at letting me know what he does and doesn’t want by saying ‘yeah’ and when we’ve lost something and I ask him where it is he’s actually crazily good at finding things (probably because he stole them in the first place) and proudly pointing and saying ‘there’ with the proudest grin on his face.

He sings! Darcie and I always sing Taylor Swift – ‘Lover’ in the car together and the other day after dropping her at pre school it just happened to come on the radio. I heard a little voice joining in with me and then I realised that it was Ernie! Since then I’ve noticed that he’s always joining in with a tune.

He loves a dance too! And trying to join in with actions to songs. He does the star action in Twinkle Twinkle and is so proud of himself when he does it that he usually keeps going for the next three songs too. He loves joining in with family dancing and will usually start bopping away as soon as there is any music.

He naps REALLY well. I know it’s kind of rude to put that on this list, but he is such a good napper it definitely deserves a mention. When Darcie is at preschool he can nap for a good three hours – hence why I’m actually finding the time to write this post now!

He generally wakes up happy which is such a lovely thing. Darcie would always wake up grouchy from a nap but nine times out of ten when Ernie wakes up he’s happy and raring to go. It makes life a lot easier!

His little walk is adorable. What with being quite a late walker and then breaking his leg, he’s had a rocky start to this whole walking thing, but now he’s really cracked it! He’s just about stopped walking with his  foot at a funny angle, which is apparently quite typical after having it in a cast. And now he struts around, gleefully causing havoc wherever he pleases. Being a second child he spends more time in the pram than he would probably like so whenever he gets to walk around outside with us it makes him so happy that he quite literally giggles and chuckles to himself the whole time. The other day we were just walking around Tesco together and he had everyone who passed us smiling as he was just basically in hysterics as he was so happy to be on the move.

He has a cracking sense of humour. He finds a lot of things funny and loves making people laugh with him too. I love the way I can almost see the cogs whirring in his brain as he plots his next hilarious move.

He is SO content and full of joy. He has his moments, like any child, but Ernie’s default setting is just ‘happy’. He’s truly a delight to be around and it’s such a huge privilege for me to get to be his mum.

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