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Christmas Gift Guide 2019 | Toddlers

It really is such a minefield trying to buy Christmas presents for toddlers, there is so much available these days that it’s hard to know where to even begin! That’s why I’ve put together this list of some tried and tested products and some new ones to give you some pointers if you are stuck for ideas.

Count With Peppa

I don’t think you can really get it wrong with Peppa Pig gifts for most toddlers and this is a really good one. Count With Peppa is one of those toys that kids of all ages can enjoy for different reasons. It’s great for teaching kids to count and for learning about colours, but also is just really good fun for younger siblings to play with too!


Pixi Belles

Honestly I’m not even sure where to begin with Pixie Belles, as they do so much and have so many different settings and features. They have a colour changing horn to tell you their mood and magnetic pods which allow you to keep them close and wear them on your clothing. They can also detect your cheek to give you a kiss and have detachable tails which you can wear as a bracelet. They have three modes; ¬†Nurture Mode, Pixie Power Dance Mode and Spin Mode. This is such an interactive toy and will be making kids around the country very happy this Christmas morning.


Pomsies Lumies

The Pomsie Lumies are really cool, in my opinion as a 25 year old woman so goodness only knows how exciting a three year old would find them! They have the amazing ability to glow any colour that they touch and also to turn music into colours. I’ve spent enough time with my three year old to predict that this will be an extremely popular gift this Christmas.


Dear Zoo Wooden Puzzle

Wooden puzzles are a lovely Christmas gift and are always popular with toddlers of all ages. This Dear Zoo one from Milly & Flynn is especially cute and is a lovely way of helping your toddler learn animal names, you could also use it as an opportunity to talk about colours and animal noises.



These Squeezamal toys are a lovely stocking filler for kids. They are squeezy, squishy and scented and come in a range of different colours  and animals. They would be a really cute toy to start a collection of and are budget friendly too!


Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet

Another product that I just can’t rave enough about – the Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet. I know people have mixed opinions on technology for children but I’ve been so impressed by how genuinely educational this has been. I much prefer Darcie to be engaged in a puzzle or game on her tablet than just mindlessly watching television. The tablet comes with one years free subscription to Fire For Kids Unlimited which means access to all the apps, videos and books that your child could ever wish for. They have some amazing deals on for Black Friday too (if you just so happen to be reading this in time to take advantage of them!).


Talking Bing!

Oh Bing bunny! I’m not sure I’ve ever met a child that doesn’t love Bing so if your child is a CBeebies fan, you can’t go wrong with this Talking Bing toy. He has a variety of phrases so your little one can actually hold a conversation with the bunny himself. He’s a really good size too and is safe to use from birth which always gets a big thumbs up from me as it means he’s safe to be left lying around for younger siblings to get hold of.


Tonies Starterset

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of some new Tonie characters this year and since then I just can’t rave about the Tonie Boxes enough! They are audio boxes cleverly designed for children; you simply place one of the characters on top and it plays the music and audiobook. The big ear turns the volume up and the little ear turns it down! They are really robust but have a soft exterior, and you can also attach headphones. They are aimed for 2-8 year olds but my one year old loves playing with it too. I would recommend buying the starterset to begin with and you can then buy extra Tonie characters. Gifts like this are great because you can keep adding to the collection each year so you’re never stuck for ideas!


Peppa Pig Wooden Clock

This Milly & Fynn Peppa Pig Wooden Clock Puzzle would be great for toddlers of any age as there is so much to learn from it and so many ways to use it. For younger toddlers it could be used to teach colours and fitting the puzzle pieces in, and then as they get older it can be used to teach them about numbers and telling the time. Multi functional gifts like this are great, especially if the family you are buying for are short on toy storage space (which I think most of us are at Christmas time!)



Christmas is a time for sitting down as a family and playing games, and Orangutwang would be a great one to add to your collection. Aimed for 4 years and up, you have to hang as much as you can before the Orangutang goes twang! It’s suitable for two or more players so you don’t even need a large crowd to enjoy this game, and it doesn’t require any batteries which is always a bonus!


ZaZa’s StoryBox

I’m a big fan of Zaza’s Storybox! Set up by a mum local to me in Hampshire, it is essentially a book subscription service designed to grow with your child. Each month you receive a box of books and a toy appropriate for your child’s age. A subscription to this would be a great present to give this Christmas or you could choose a themed box to gift as a one off.


Something To Put It All In With Harrow & Green

Harrow & Green have the most beautiful selection of Christmas sacks and stocking, that are quite literally fit for royalty – being Kate Middleton’s choice for her own children! The sacks are gorgeous and such amazing quality, they will definitely last for years and are such a lovely way to give gifts on Christmas day.


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*this post contains gifted items and affiliate links

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