Dear Darcie

January 12, 2017

Dear Darcie,

We are on the bus on the way into town, you’re in your pram gazing around the bus and out the window. Everything is so fascinating to you and all the time you’re seeing things you’ve never seen before. Your amazement amazes me and your wonder is wonderful. Never lose it.

This is the most ordinary moment in the most ordinary of days and I am so full of love for you, so full of pride at the person you are becoming. I will never stop feeling this way. I know there will be times ahead when we don’t see eye to eye and times when I have to teach you to be kind and patient and fair. But you will be those things because you have the sweetest soul and the purest heart.

My darling daughter, you don’t just have my heart, you are my heart. Sometimes it scares me that I will not always be able to protect you from things, you’ll go out and have your own adventures and you’ll learn your own lessons. Just remember I’ll always be here loving you completely.

Love Mum x

5 responses to “Dear Darcie”

  1. Melissa says:

    How sweet. I have had those moments and you have written it so beautifully.

  2. dreamchasers says:

    Your words are so warming. Brings a pleasant scene in front of our eyes. By the way the photo is lovely!!! Those eyes of Darcie’s !!!

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