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My Maternity Photo Shoot with Rebecca Frost Photography & An Exclusive Discount

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One of my biggest regrets about my first pregnancy is not having any maternity photos taken. I seriously have hardly any photos of me when I was pregnant with Darcie, and the ones that do exist – I really don’t like. I have a few quick snaps from my baby shower or family gatherings, where the angle is all wrong and I just don’t like the way I look in them. I struggle a lot with body image during pregnancy and so I knew that having some nice photos taken during this pregnancy would really help me to feel good about my changing body. I am actually planning a whole post on the subject of body positivity during pregnancy so I’ll save that ramble for another day and for now just tell you all about the lovely experience I had on my maternity photo shoot with the lovely Becky of Rebecca Frost Photography.

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As soon as Becky contacted me about a maternity photo shoot, I didn’t even have to think twice about going ahead. I absolutely knew that I wanted to have professional photos taken this time and having seen Becky’s gorgeous photography, it really was a no brainer. I wanted to celebrate this time in my life, to acknowledge my growing and changing body and most importantly to capture these moments with my daughter, Darcie. Throughout this pregnancy I have been very well aware that our time as a little duo is coming to an end and I’ve been on an absolute mission to make the most of this precious time together. When I explained to Becky that I wanted Darcie in the photos, she loved the idea and straight away I knew we were on the same page with our vision for the photos. Becky actually sent me a Pinterest board a week or so before the shoot and I was so pleased when I saw it was almost identical to one I’d made! This totally reassured me that I would love the photos because Becky fully understood what I wanted to achieve with these photos. This pregnancy isn’t just a significant event in my life, it’s a huge part of Darcie’s too. I know she won’t remember it when she is older and that makes it even more special to have these photos to treasure and look back on.

The location for the photo shoot was a beautiful house in the New Forest, I would have loved to have had the photos outside but given the weather on the day, this really was the perfect location! I just wanted the photos to be bright, fresh and beautiful and that is exactly what Becky delivered. I brought many, many outfit choices with us on the day and in the end we went for four main themes for the images. We started with pretty white lace dresses and flowers and bows in our hair, then moved onto matching dungarees, simple white vest tops and jeans and then one last beautiful dress to finish. The dresses I wore for the photo shoot were kindly gifted to me by Tiffany Rose Maternity and they couldn’t have been more perfect for the photos! Tiffany Rose specialise in beautiful maternity dresses for special occasions and so if you are pregnant and have an event to go to, I would definitely recommend taking a look at their site. I found it SO hard to choose my dresses as they are all so gorgeous!

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A photo shoot with a toddler is never going to be totally smooth sailing but Becky was so patient as I tried (and occasionally succeeded) to get Darcie to co operate for the photos. I won’t pretend that a LOT of chocolate buttons weren’t consumed while we were shooting. I’m not sure how Becky managed it but we ended up with such a lovely selection of photos of Darcie and I together! I’ll treasure these photos for a long time to come as Becky captured some really sweet moments between us that don’t often get captured.

The whole experience was a delight from start to finish. Darcie had a minor meltdown to begin with but Becky’s calm and relaxed manner meant that it passed quickly and once we got into the photo shoot even Darcie began to enjoy herself. Throughout the whole shoot Becky and I were discussing ideas and both suggesting photos to try, she listened to all of my ideas and obviously had some amazing ones of her own. I’m not sure how long the whole photo shoot lasted but Becky gave us all the time and attention we needed to make sure we had plenty of photos and that we’d tried all of our outfit changes and ideas.

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When I received the final photos I honestly couldn’t have been more thrilled. They are even better than I could have hoped for. Trying to choose which ones to put up on the wall is going to be a nightmare!! They are bright and natural which was what I really wanted. My favourite ones are of course the ones of Darcie and I together and the little behind the scenes captures that Becky got of us both on the day. If you follow me on Instagram, you can expect to see a LOT of these photos filtering onto the grid over the next few months.

If you’re in the Southampton/Hampshire area, I really can’t recommend Becky highly enough. I’ve had professional photos taken before (back when I was still convinced that I’d make it as an actress some day) and Becky is the first photographer to make me feel totally at ease, and that really shows in the photos. Darcie can be quite temperamental around new people but even she was happy and confident on the photo shoot because it was such a calm and relaxed environment.

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I love this section that Becky has written on her website:

Photographing your wedding, family or Boudoir shoot is a very special thing. Making you feel calm and comfortable is one of my special traits. But also creating those gorgeous images that you will treasure forever and always. My aim is to capture you at your most beautiful and most natural, my shoots are made to be a lovely day full of smiles and giggles.  My style is young and bright and beautiful!

There couldn’t be a more accurate description of the whole day and of the final photos!

Becky doesn’t just do maternity photography, she offers a whole range of different photo shoots  from family to boudoir. She has a big emphasis on celebrating your body and you as a person in general, which I just LOVE!

Becky has been kind enough to offer an amazing discount to all my lovely readers. If you mention that you came from my blog she is offering you a fantastic rate of £50 for a session (usually £95!) and 10% off any purchases too. This discount is applicable to Family, Maternity or Boudoir Shoots! 

To find out more about Becky’s photography and to see more of her gorgeous photos you can visit her website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also read Becky’s account of the day here!

I’ve had to restrain myself from putting all ninety (!!) of the beautiful photos from out shoot in this post but here are a selection of my favourites and all the outfit details too:

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Jeans and Tee
Maternity Jeans – H&M
Toddler Jegging – Primark
White Vests – Both Primark

Maternity Dungarees – Boohoo
Bonjour Maternity Tee – Boohoo
Toddler Dungarees – Primark

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Little Snippets-181.jpgWhite Lace
White Lace Maternity DressTiffany Rose Maternity
Toddler Dress – Primark

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Boho Maxi Dress
Cherry Blossom Maternity Dress
Tiffany Rose Maternity

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