If I Owned My Own Home

pexels-photo-545034.jpegAs an avid Instagram and Pinterest user I am constantly looking through images of picture perfect homes. I love following interiors accounts and lusting over beautiful houses and dreamy decor. I’m always dreaming of the day when I have my own house and we can chuck every last penny we have into making it our perfect family home. For now, a girl can only dream! I love looking through wishlists of home furnishings and interiors and so I thought I would share my own. Less of a look into my home and more of a look into my mind and the house I dream of having one day. So, in an ideal world, what would my forever home look like?


I LOVE shutters. I would happily have them in every room of the house if I could afford it. There is just something about them that feels so luxurious and a bit continental. I love the different ways they let light into a room and I just think they are so much more luxe looking than blinds or curtains. Don’t get me wrong I love a cute curtain as much as the next gal but some rooms just need something a little different. I particularly love the bay window shutters on the Thomas Sanderson website. Bay windows would definitely feature in my dream home!

Extravagant Lighting

I felt the need to specify ‘extravagant’ here as of course we do have lighting in our current home. I love interesting chandeliers and quirky lamps. Lighting plays a huge part in how a house looks and feels and I would love to invest in some beautiful and quality pieces.


Chesterfield Sofa

I’ve loved the look of Chesterfield sofas for as long as I can remember taking an interest in home decor. More recently I have also seen Chesterfield style sofas which are upholstered in deep velvet or quirky fabrics and I love the contemporary twist on such a classic piece of furniture.

Wood Floors and Luxurious Rugs

We are currently in the process of having a wood laminate put down in our lounge which I am very excited about as I just love the look of wood flooring. If we owned our own home I would love it to have original wood flooring but if not I’d want to put wood floor down ourselves. I would be so picky with the exact shade of wood too, to make sure it was perfect for our forever home.


The Kitchen of Dreams

I love cooking and I spend so much of my day in the kitchen. The kitchen is my domain and so to have the kitchen I have always dreamed of would make me very happy. My ideal kitchen would be a country cottage style mixed with a bit of modern and an huge Arger oven. I want an oven that you can easily cook all your Christmas dinner in without even having to stop and think where it’s all going to go! I would want the kitchen to be a big kitchen diner, with an island and a table big enough for us to all sit around for family dinners.

High Ceilings

I know this isn’t exactly something that you can buy but I adore houses with high ceilings. I think the original features of a building are what gives it it’s character and it’s one of the reasons why I wouldn’t want to buy a new build. High ceilings look amazing with feature lighting and gallery walls and they just make a house seem so much lighter and roomier, both of which are things that are top of my priority list.

Built In Storage & Shelves

Storage space is something that I constantly feel limited on. My ideal dream home would have built in cupboards galore, shelves in alcoves and generally just an abundance of storage. I like to have places to hide my mess (let’s be honest we all have a Monica cupboard!) and so having plenty of in built storage would be a dream come true for me. I’d like to be able to choose the select few items to be out on display in each room and have the rest of our possessions tucked neatly away.

I’m fully aware that at the moment this is just one big expensive dream, but it’s good to have something to aspire to! It’ll be interesting to see how much of this I will still want to have when it does come to decorating my own home in the future.

What does your dream home look like?




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