10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week 20.01.18

It’s been a good week overall. My sickness and nausea has almost totally subsided which has left me with a lot more energy to do fun things with Darcie and also to work on my blog and my business in the evenings. I’m not going to do a long ramble of an introduction today as there’s quite a lot to cover in the post anyway. So here are the ten things that have made me happy this week.Feeling babies first kicks

I never write these lists in any particular order but I had to start with this one. I’ve been feeling fluttery little movements for a while now but now I’m feeling much more definite kicks and somersaults. It really is one of the best parts of pregnancy, I love it so much! I feel them the most at the end of the day when I am relaxing on the sofa or in bed and it’s just as lovely as I remember it being the first time around.

Officially being asked to be a Bridesmaid

I definitely already knew I was going to be a bridesmaid but it was so lovely to be asked officially. My friend Chernice is fully stuck into her wedding plans and I love talking about it with her and listening to her ideas. It’s going to be so amazing to be a part of her special day, plus I know she’s picked a nice dress so that’s a bonus too!


Darcie is honestly (generally) a dream these days. She has so much joy for life and that is so contagious on days when I’m feeling tired or sick. She just cheers me right up. I love that we are starting to be able to have little conversations and that every time I asks her if she wants something she says ‘Yes please’. She even said it when I asked her if she wanted to be a big sister, and I think my ovaries actually exploded.

Free time

As much as I adore spending all my time with Darcie, everyone needs some down time too. Last weekend Dan took Darcie out to soft play (very brave on a Saturday!) which meant I had a couple of hours to myself. Truthfully I didn’t know what to do with myself and the house was eerily quiet. Because I don’t get child free time often at all, I felt an immense amount of pressure to ACHIEVE ALL THE THINGS. We’re planning on making it a regular thing for Dan to go out and have some time with Darcie and for me to have some time to do what I want with. So, I’m sure as it becomes more normal I’ll have more of an idea of how I want to spend it.

Play dates

We’ve had a good week for play dates and seeing our mummy and baby friends. It’s always so lovely for me to see Darcie interacting with other children. She is generally good at sharing and especially loves getting stuck in and playing with new toys. One of the most important things to me as a parent, is that she plays nicely with other children and doesn’t hit or snatch. So far she does really well, I’m just hoping that won’t change as she gets older or starts copying other children’s behaviour.


We’ve had a couple of shopping trips this week as we’ve both needed a few bits (and wanted a few more bits too!). Darcie’s feet had grown so now she’s got a lovely new shoe collection including the most adorable Unicorn wellies from Next that I’m sure I’ll be oversharing on Instagram over the next few weeks. Darcie absolutely loves walking around the shops with me, which is lovely until she wants to pull everything off the shelves and make a break for it in Waterstones.

Blogging opportunities

I still haven’t quite gotten over the fact that I can make money from my blog now. Some of the opportunities that have been coming my way recently literally blow my mind when I think about the fact that I started this blog from my phone during the night feeds. Hard work really does pay off, and I love that I can contribute to the family pot a bit more these days. I’m also officially self employed now, I thought I already was but wally brain over here didn’t fill the form in right! But now it’s all sorted and I love being able to say that I am self employed.

Getting organised with dream catcher orders

As a result of the first trimester hitting me like a ton of bricks, my general organisation slipped so much. I’ve had a backlog of orders for a while now but I am finally on top of the situation and it feels like a weight off my mind. I really want to spend some time developing some new products and testing out some new ideas so getting on top of the orders has hopefully freed up that time for me.


I know this will seem bizarre to some people, but I think I have a bit of an addiction to Instagram. I’ve found such a nice little community on there and I really enjoy taking pretty pictures to upload and seeing everyone else’s too. I definitely spend too much of my life on there and since starting to use to Stories feature that has probably doubled. I finally love how my feed looks, and as sad as it may seem to some, I get real enjoyment out of taking and editing my pictures to look bright and happy and then sharing them with my followers.

Big Brother

I’m scrabbling for ideas now as my memory is shocking and I can barely remember the last seven days. I have been loving Celebrity Big Brother this year. I really look forward to watching it at the end of the day and I’m probably going to be a bit sad when it finishes. Year of the Woman is a great theme and some of the debates that it has started within the house and also within the media have been so positive and refreshing.

What has made you happy this week?

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