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Five Ways to Modernise Your Bathroom

Being one of the most used rooms in the house, your bathroom is prone to wear and tear. This is why it’s import to consider regularly upgrading your bathroom to keep it looking modern, child-friendly and energy-efficient. However upgrades usually mean additional costs, which is why many families tend to opt out. So here are five ways you can modernise your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Adding mirrors and light fittings

One sure fire way to spruce up your bathroom is by adding new mirrors and light fittings. In our article ‘Five Ways to Modernise Your Home’, we explained how mirrors can seemingly expand the size of any room. Consider replacing your mirror with a bigger design, or even add another one in a different corner of the room. Mirrors help you achieve a modern, bright look to your bathroom for less. Similarly, making sure your bathrooms are well lit also supports the vibrant look you’re going for. Replacing old lights and adding new modern light fittings can make a huge difference to brightening your space. Mirrors and better light fittings help make small spaces like bathrooms more inviting for adults and children alike.

Installing open and floating storage units

For smaller bathrooms, consider installing open and floating storage units to replace your current standing shelves. Aside from being up to date with modern minimalist trends, floating shelves allow you to maximise your space. Aside from that, these kinds of shelves are also relatively cheap compared to other storage units since they only comprise of a wooden plank and an anchor. Moreover, standing shelves cramp up a bathroom whereas installing open shelves give you more storage room. They’re also a good way to make your bathroom more visually appealing. You can place an indoor plant or two on your new shelves, giving it a fresh and modern feel. Additionally, these storage units prevent accidents by keeping toiletries and other supplies away from young children.

Installing modern toilets

Upgrading your toilet to a more modern design has both functional and cost-saving benefits. Modern toilets have specific functions that ensure you’re making the most of the available resources. The toilets featured on Screwfix show how many models now come with a dual flush function that can help save water and reduce your energy bills. A dual flush toilet employs a larger trapway and an improved flushing design that means you’ll use less water per flush. It also doesn’t clog as often as conventional toilets do. While installing a modern toilet initially requires shelling out some cash, you’ll definitely be able to save money in the long run through lessening your water and energy bills.

Changing your shower curtains

Shower curtains play a big role in the look and feel of your bathroom. The wrong shower curtain can make a bathroom seem smaller than it is. Drab coloured shower curtains can also darken a room, making it feel old and unwelcoming. Country Living suggests changing your old shower curtains to bright or patterned designs to create a strong visual focus. For bathrooms that are predominantly white, shower curtains provide a much-needed pop of colour to an otherwise plain room. Consider contemporary designs like seaside stripes, vintage flower designs, or graphic Scandinavian prints. This simple and cheap addition can make a huge impact in giving your bathroom a modern aesthetic. More than that, it makes taking a shower a more pleasant experience, especially for younger children.

Water-saving shower heads

The Green Age indicates how water-saving shower heads work by restricting the volume of water that flows through the tap, which saves on water and heating. The small holes also mean that the water comes out under more pressure providing a pleasant massaging experience that expensive modern showers offer. This modern addition can be as cheap as £15 and is incredibly simple to fit in existing shower units. With the potential of lowering your water and heating bills, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider installing water saving shower heads to modernise your shower.

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