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Babystyle Hybrid Tandem | Review

Oh the wonderful world of prams. Choosing a pram can be an absolute minefield, can’t it? It’s hard enough picking a pram for your first baby, but then baby number two comes along, bringing with them a whole new load of pushchair related confusion. I’d originally hoped that we would be able to get by without a double pram but with Darcie still regularly napping during the day time, it quickly became clear that a double pram was exactly what we needed. One of my main dilemmas was whether or not we should get a double (side by side) or tandem (one up, one down). After purchasing a side by side, I was also then sent the Babystyle Hybrid Tandem to try out for the purposes of this review. So I’m pleased to say I can now give you my informed opinions on the whole double pram conundrum and all of my thoughts on the Babystyle Hybrid Tandem.

Double vs. Tandem

I think this is one of the main questions when it comes to buying a pram for two children. There are definitely pros and cons to each which I have experienced myself firsthand. The main advantage of the double (side by side) pram is that they are generally easier to push and will have a larger storage basket underneath. However you can have issues fitting through some doors, onto buses or getting around small shops. The tandem on the other hand will be a lot easier to manoeuvre around tight spaces but can be difficult to get up and down steep kerbs. There will also generally be less room in the storage basket of a tandem simply because it will be narrower than a double. Depending on the ages of your children, you might prefer to have them facing you, sitting side by side, or separate. And if you have a newborn, you also need to consider whether a carrycot attachment is important to you. A lot of this comes down to personal choice and your lifestyle. I may write a whole post on this topic in the future (it’s one I get asked about a LOT on Instagram) but for now, those are the main points to think about when considering the two types of double pram.

Babystyle Hybrid Tandem

The Babystyle Hybrid Tandem is, as it says on the tin, a tandem pram. So Darcie’s toddler seat goes at the top at the front of the pram and Ernie’s carrycot goes underneath. The pram can be adapted to take two car seats, two seat units or two carrycots and can also be used as a single pram too. Basically, it does everything! Whether you’re expecting twins or just preparing for a close age gap, the Babystyle Hybrid has you covered. It is also compatible with several leading infant carriers so that’s really useful and gives you even more options to make the pram work for you. You can find the full specification¬†here. As Ernie is nearly six months old, I’ll be swapping his carrycot for a seat unit soon which I think he will love.


The Babystyle Hybrid Tandem was so easy to put together! I actually did it in about ten minutes before I was due to rush out the door to a doctors appointment one morning. I wasn’t sure if I would fit my other double pram through the door at the surgery and so this tandem beauty stepped up to save the day! It was so simple with clear instructions and everything slotted easily into the right place. If I can do it in ten minutes with a baby attached to me and a toddler trying to ‘help’ then anyone can!

Out And About

As I previously mentioned, Darcie’s seat unit fits onto the top of the pram at the front, with Ernie’s carrycot tucked underneath. Because of the nature of a tandem pram, and the heavy weight of a toddler at the front, it is harder than my double to push up and down pavements and difficult kerbs. However, compared to other’s on the market that I have tried, I would say it is one of the best and easiest. Kerbs aside, it is an absolute dream to push. The wheels are large which means they deal with bumps and difficult terrain excellently and they turn very easily so it’s a dream to get around tight corners and spaces. It’s not heavy to push either as the whole system is very lightweight, no matter what attachments you are using on the chassis.

The only real problem I have with the pram is the lack of storage when the carrycot attachment is in use. The chassis does have a reasonably sized storage basket underneath however the way that the carrycot slots in means that it is literally sitting in the basket, leaving no extra room for anything else. It’s not a big issue but one to be aware of if you are going to be using the pram for lots of shopping. If I take the pram to the supermarket without the car then I just make sure I take a rucksack with me to carry the shopping home.

Features And Details

The Babystyle Hybrid is truly a beautiful pram. The design details are so well thought out and the quality of all the materials used is second to none. There is a hidden pocket on the back of the seat unit which is so useful for keeping things like my phone to hand when I need it and the handle and bumper bar are a gorgeous leatherette, as are all the zip tags on the pram too. The hoods on both the seat and the carrycot both have a UV sunshade and net, and extend down fully to give the kids full protection from the elements. The seat units have adjustable footrests and can be parent or forward facing. The pram is seriously amazing quality and looks so luxurious too. The colour selection is really good too so there is something to suit all tastes. This is without a doubt the most stylish pram I have every owned!

Single Or Tandem Options

Once you have the Babystyle Hybrid Tandem you also have everything you need for it to be used as a single pram too. This is perfect as it means that you can easily use it on days when you might only be taking one child out with you. The pram is easy to switch between the two modes and saves you needing to get another single stroller to use for those one child trips. It also means that when your toddler outgrows using a pram you can still keep it and use it just for your younger child. This pram really will last you for all eventualities.

All in all, this pram gets a huge thumbs up from us. Both the kids are happy and comfortable in it and it is a dream to push around. I’d definitely recommend it to you all!

*the Babystyle Hybrid Tandem was kindly gifted to me for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.



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