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Wedding Planning Overwhelm

We got engaged nearly a year ago now, and something that I find I’m getting asked a lot now is ‘how’s the wedding planing going?’. And the truth is – it’s not! I don’t deal well with pressure and get quite easily overwhelmed by to do lists and deadlines, so much so that I’m just kind of putting off planning anything until I feel like I have the head-space to deal with it all. With two small children to look after, that could be quite a long wait!

In my heart I feel like wedding planning should be simple. It should just be about you and the person you love, planning a day that’s all about you, exactly how you want it to be. But that’s never going to be the case is it? There are always other people to consider when making any decision, and as easy as it is for someone to say ‘don’t worry about other people’, its also actually really hard to put that into practice.

There’s a huge part of me that would love to get married abroad, but then we have to consider getting all of our guests to the wedding destination, and like most people, we have elderly relatives who likely will not want to fly. It’s a big decision to make, and we can’t plan anything else until that’s decided – so here we are, at a standstill.

Then there’s the question of guests – neither Dan or I are particularly fond of large crowds so how many people do we actually want at our wedding?

And money – we really need to find a good money tree before we get stuck too deep into planning this thing!

It’s the smaller details that I’m looking forward to. I can’t wait to pick out my dress, and probably be totally surprised by what I choose. Then there’s the colour scheme, the suits for men, the invitations, the decor, and the list goes on! It’s all those bits that make me excited to plan a wedding, we just need to get over some of the bigger hurdles first!

Did you get overwhelmed planning your wedding? Or even just thinking about planning your wedding, like me!

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