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The Royal Mint Kids Hub

We all need lots of ideas to entertain the kids at home right now, so this seems like the perfect time to write this post all about The Royal Mint Kids Hub. The Royal Mint make coins, and I’m sure you will have seen a lot of the special collectable ones over the years. We actually have a collection of The Peter Rabbit ones that were released when Darcie was a baby that  I decided I wanted to keep for her when she is older. There are so many collectable ranges that are so fun for kids to find and look after. Obviously this isn’t exactly the best time for coin collecting, but they do also have a special Kids Hub on their website that is full of fun and educational activities for a variety of different ages.

If you follow this link it will take you directly to the Kids Hub or alternatively it is very easy to find just by going to their website. Once you are onto the hub it is all really easy to navigate and totally free to use. The activities include things like a fun Peter Rabbit game of catching radishes and a game digging for Easter Eggs which are both perfect for younger children. And there are also lots of worksheets and activity packs for older kids too. They can download a pack all about building their own rocket with the help of Wallace and Gromit, and there’s everything from science, to maths and literacy too.

I can only imagine it must be so hard trying to maintain school learning at home so doing different activities like this seems like a really good way of keeping the kids interested. It would also be perfect for anyone who home educates full time and wants to source some new materials to use.

For Darcie, who is nearly four, it’s been a really good fun thing for her to do every so often. I love things which involve what I like to call accidental learning which this has definitely been. Her favourite game is building a snowman and she loves experimenting with how she wants it to look. She can play the games on my Chromebook which has a touch screen so makes it easier for her to play, but it’s also been a good learning experience for her to use the mouse pad to play the play the games too. It’s been nice to browse the site together and I’ve been able to help and explain things to her, and she also likes to use it as a bit of quiet time to herself too.

If you’re looking for something new to do with the kids, definitely have a look at The Kids Hub. Your kids will love it and it may even give you ten minutes to have a hot cup of coffee by yourself too, so everyone’s a winner!


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