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Flip Out Southampton Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Flip Out to see if I would like to try out their trampoline park with Darcie and to write a review for them. Not being someone to turn down an opportunity to do something different, I of course said yes and so along we went on Friday 10th of November. We took two of our friends along with us because everything is better with friends, and we all had a really good time. When you first arrive at Flip Out you have to sign a waiver basically saying that you will take responsibility for yourself and your children and then there is a short health and safety video to watch. It really is very short so you don’t need to worry about keeping the kids still for very long at all. I think it’s good that they do all of this as it shows that they really care about your safety and enjoyment while using the equipment. We were a bit disappointed though as they don’t allow triple flips which was obviously the main reason we wanted to go (kidding!). You have to purchase non slip socks for jumping which are then yours to keep for any future times that you go, and there are lockers to leave any possessions that you don’t want to take onto the trampolines with you.

In the Southampton Flip Out the trampolines are on the next level up from reception so you go up the stairs and then you’re right in the midst of it all. There is a designated area for under 5s as well as much bigger trampolines for everyone else and also basketball hoops and something that looked like it fell straight out of Total Wipeout. There really is something for everyone; it’s the kind of activity that Dad’s would genuinely enjoy doing with the kids without secretly grumbling that they want to go home. I love it when places have a specific area for younger children as it really puts my mind at ease and I feel I can relax more without worrying about Darcie being trampled. Under 5s do also have the complete run of the place, you aren’t confined to that area. The Under 5s area is huge with tunnels, a ball pit, a foam pit and lots of soft play stacking blocks. It is all on trampolines too so there is plenty to keep everyone occupied.

Darcie’s current favourite thing is throwing balls and so we spent a considerable amount of time in the section with the basketball hoops where she had a fantastic time throwing the balls around and jumping on the trampoline. We stayed for around an hour which was the perfect length of time for us as by that point we were all exhausted and ready for some lunch. There is a cafe on site if you want to go there afterwards or if you need a caffeine fix after all that physical exertion. If you go to the Flip Out website you can look at all the classes and specific sessions that they run throughout the week and you can also hire it out for parties. We had such a fabulous time and will definitely be going back again as the kids loved it and so did we. The only two downsides that I can put in this honest review are that the lighting isn’t great for photos (as you will have noticed throughout this post) and that it is a way to find out for sure if all of those pelvic floor exercises paid off after all. You know what I mean Mamas!

Have you been to a Flip Out? Are you tempted to try it out?

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Money Saving Tips// Feed The Family For Less

IMG_7921 (2)

Prior to becoming a mum, I really wasn’t that aware of saving money or being frugal in any way, shape or form. As far as I was concerned any money that I earned was there to be spent and looking back now I can see that I was often quite wasteful in my spending habits. Now that we are living on one income and have an extra mouth to feed, I am finding lots of new ways to save money on our biggest expense: food. I thought some of my tips could be handy for some of my readers and so, in no particular order, here are my top tips on ways to save money on food. Continue reading “Money Saving Tips// Feed The Family For Less”

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Creating A Brand With LogoJoy


I keep mentioning my new online venture on this blog and I do have a post in the works that will be a full introduction to the business and will also include an exciting giveaway. Although I have been trading for a few months already, It is all still very much a work in progress and one thing that I was still lacking was a logo to represent the brand. It was perfect timing when I was offered to try out LogoJoy’s online logo creator and I have ended up with a logo that I am very happy with for my new business. Continue reading “Creating A Brand With LogoJoy”

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We All Doubt Ourselves Sometimes


Today I took Darcie to a Halloween themed session of a baby and toddler group that we go to every so often. The class is a structured one with singing, puppets and musical instruments which I first started taking her to when she was around four months old. Sometimes she loves it and wants to go off and get involved, and other times (most times) she just wants to cling to me and will even cry and seem scared when she is shown the puppets or encouraged to get involved. Today was one of those days. She clung to me and got upset if I tried to put her down with the other children, She cried at the ladies fancy dress costume, and she was only really happy again when the class was over. You could say she gets ‘shy’, but I hate that word, because she isn’t a ‘shy’ kid. She is loud and outgoing and will happily play with other children, it is just in these structured classes that she seems out of her comfort zone and for some reason it is difficult for her to get involved. I don’t know why she is like this. The rational side of my brain says that clearly these classes just aren’t her cup of tea. She prefers the freedom of a playgroup where she can do her own thing and interact with other children as and when she wants to. But the doubting, mum guilt ridden side of my brain tells me that I’ve done something wrong. It’s my fault. It questions whether I’ve done enough to socialise her. Would she be more confident in these situations if I’d sent her to nursery?  Continue reading “We All Doubt Ourselves Sometimes”

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Parenting Rites of Passage, How Many Can You Tick Off?


A couple of months ago Darcie and I were playing in the lounge, she was bringing me books and toys and we were throwing her ball around. Then she just randomly came over to me and gave me a cuddle, for just a couple of seconds before toddling off again. That was the first time she had ever done that of her own accord, with no prompting or encouragement. She had done it because she wanted to. In that moment I thought to myself ‘this is what being a parent is all about’, ‘this is what makes it all worth it’. There are so many experiences that we all go through as parents that make us stop and think ‘wow, I really am a parent now’. These rites of passage, as I have decided to call them, come in all shapes and sizes, the good, the bad and the downright embarrassing. I thought it would be fun to list some of them on here and we can all see how many we can tick off. How many levels of parenting have you completed according to this list? Tally up your number and leave it in the comments below. Continue reading “Parenting Rites of Passage, How Many Can You Tick Off?”

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How to Parent the Lorelai Gilmore Way


I’ve loved Gilmore Girls from the very first episode I ever watched many, many years ago and even now I can watch the whole series through and not get bored of it. I’ve always loved the relationship between Lorelai and Rory and watching the show now as a mum, I find myself aspiring to be a Lorelai Gilmore kind of mum. For anyone who has never seen Gilmore Girls this post could be totally lost on you and for anyone who isn’t a fan of the show, well, I’m not even sure we can be friends anymore. If you are still with me, however, here is my top list of parenting lessons we can learn from Lorelai Gilmore. Continue reading “How to Parent the Lorelai Gilmore Way”

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Pumpkin Picking at Pickwell Farm

Ever since our lovely day out Strawberry picking in the summer I have been looking forward to going back to Pickwell Farm in the Autumn to pick some pumpkins. We headed off bright and early this morning, the sun was shining and as it is a weekday we hoped it wouldn’t be too busy. It wasn’t busy at all although I think that was partly due to the fact that we had actually missed peak pumpkin picking season. There wasn’t a great selection of pumpkins left but that didn’t really matter as I think main fun of going pumpkin picking is the experience not necessarily the pumpkin you come home with anyway. We had a great time and I got some photos that I am in love with so that’s the main thing anyway, right? Continue reading “Pumpkin Picking at Pickwell Farm”

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Toddler’s Bedtime Routine // Seventeen Months Old

I’m always really intrigued to know other peoples bedtimes routines with their babies and toddlers. It’s good to get tips from each other and hear about what works and what definitely doesn’t. We’ve had basically the same bedtime routine with Darcie for what feels like her whole life but it has of course developed and changed as she has. At nearly eighteen months she is still not a fantastic sleeper, but when you’re that cute already, why would you need any more beauty sleep? However I am really happy with our bedtime routine and she does generally fall asleep easily, even if she does then wake in the night, although this is improving in leaps and bounds these days. I do use the term ‘routine’ loosely as I take a very baby led approach and so our days do vary depending on her and also on what we might have done that day or be doing that evening. Continue reading “Toddler’s Bedtime Routine // Seventeen Months Old”

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The Autumn Tag

IMG_9517.JPGI was tagged to do the Autumn Tag a few weeks ago by my lovely friends Maisie from Love, Maisie, Caitylis from Caitylis and Zoe from  Mummy & Liss and as I sit here at 9pm with nothing published for Blogtober today I thought this would be as good an opportunity as any. I like joining in with these tags occasionally as they are totally different from my usual style of post. I’ve tagged some other bloggers at the end too so be sure to go over and have a look at their pages too.

I’m terrible with lipsticks but I do try to switch it up in the Autumn and wear some darker colours. I’m so pale that I can’t go too dark though!

Continue reading “The Autumn Tag”

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My Toddler’s Favourite Snacks

Anyone that knows my daughter in real life will know that she spends ninety percent of the day with a snack in her hand. She is the true Queen of Snacks so who could be better to recommend our favourite toddler snacks to the internet, than her? She’s never been one for big meals, preferring to constantly graze throughout the day, for this reason it’s important to me that the snacks I am giving her are healthy and nutritious. She’s constantly on the go and all these snacks are great for giving her the energy she needs. So, in no particular order these are my toddler’s favourite snacks. Continue reading “My Toddler’s Favourite Snacks”