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Like Mother Like Daughter

I was watching Darcie earlier, that’s nothing new, but what I was watching her doing was new. She was lying on her tummy pulling everything out of her changing bag, one thing at a time and carelessly chucking it all around the room. In that moment I saw a complete reflection of myself within her. I’m naturally such a messy person, I was always that child that people were surprised to see the floor in my room. I’ve got better with age, particularly since living with Dan who has borderline OCD, but at heart I will always be a bit chaotic and I love seeing that in Darcie. It’s a blatant reminder that she is mine, she is half of me, and I love seeing which bits of me she has been (un)fortunate enough to inherit.

Her personality and character are developing more and more each day so these traits that we share are only just starting to show. She sleeps like me, basically in the weirdest positions that in no way look comfortable, she likes a lot of the same foods as me and she absolutely loves people watching.

I also love finding Dan’s character within her; she can be very loud and a total drama queen at times which are traits that even he will admit to and she is an early riser like him and a definite morning person- unluckily for me!

I can’t wait to watch her develop even more into her own little person but I will always find it endearing to see these pieces of us within her.

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