Making The Most of Rainy Days

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I’ve never been one to let the weather dictate what I do and since becoming a stay at home mum, I’ve really made a point of not allowing the rain to keep us cooped up inside. I’ve often felt the term ‘stay at home mum’ is quite ridiculous because I don’t think many of us actually stay at home that much. The cabin fever can become only too real if you fall into the trap of staying in the house too much and I always think it’s much healthier for your body and your mind to get outside as much as possible. I have also found that now Darcie is really a toddler it has become much harder to keep her entertained at home than it is to bundle her up out the door and find something to really capture her attention.

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I try to take her to as many groups as possible and to meet up with friends on any free days so that she doesn’t miss out on any social interaction by not going to a nursery or childminder, like many kids her age do. I’m not currently driving but I don’t let that hold us back, luckily Darcie loves the bus and we don’t live anywhere too remote so we get around just fine that way. However there are always those days when you can’t quite face a big excursion, nobody else is free and so you find yourself desperately searching Pinterest for ways to keep a toddler occupied that don’t aren’t just ‘let them trash the house and hope for the best’.

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On these days I find the best thing to do is just to get out of the house and go for a walk. Now that the days are cooler and we are getting more and more rain, I decided to get Darcie a Regatta Puddle Suit and I can honestly say it is one of the best purchases I have ever made for her. I’ve always tried not to get too precious about keeping Darcie’s clothes clean and definitely never wanted to prioritise keeping her clean over letting her have a good time. The Puddle Suit means I don’t even have to give it a second thought as I can just quickly zip it up over her clothes, pop on her Peppa Pig wellies, and we’re good to go!  The cuffed sleeves and legs meant that I could get her a big size and it fits perfectly now and will continue to fit for a long time too. I really can’t recommend a Puddle Suit highly enough to any parents of toddlers out there, particularly now that the weather has turned. There’s not really too much point to this post other than to share this purchase with any other parents of muddy toddlers and also to have an excuse to use these pictures I took of Darcie modelling hers the other day.

Happy puddle splashing everyone!

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