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pexels-photo-414645.jpegAfter the success of my post So You Want To Start A Blog? I have decided to start throwing in more of these blogging related posts. While I know I have a lot of mums that read my blog who might not be interested in the ins and outs of blogging, I am also aware that some of my readers are bloggers themselves who could find some of my tips useful. These are just some tips that I have learnt over the last year and a half on how to increase my blog traffic.

Post shareable content
All the tips that I am going to list will only work if you have good, shareable content. No amount of promotion will help if you aren’t writing posts that people want to read or share. I tend to write a mixture of posts, some that I just really want to write (that I don’t really care if they are popular anyway because I just want to write them) and posts that I know will do well in terms of views. Lists, reviews and tips, tricks and hacks will generally do better than little Tim’s 14 month update, that is what I’ve found anyway. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write those posts but just be aware that they probably won’t be the ones to make it big.

My posts automatically post to Facebook so I don’t even have to give this one a thought. I have a separate page for my blog but I also sometimes share my posts onto my personal page. Whenever I do this I see a huge spike in traffic so it is definitely worth doing if you can handle the cringe that comes with knowing that old school friends and colleagues could be reading your Birth Story of your Breastfeeding update! You can also share your posts in relevant Facebook groups for example a breastfeeding post can do really well in a breastfeeding support group. Just make sure that the group allows the sharing of blogs so that you don’t annoy anyone!

I tweet all of my blog posts too. I also tag re tweet accounts (of which there are hundreds!) that mean that my post reaches a larger audience. I get a fair amount of traffic through twitter but I’m not very good at remembering to tweet often which is definitely the key to success on Twitter. Make sure you aren’t just tweeting out links, keep the conversation going, nobody wants to follow a blog link robot.

Following on from my last point, I use Buffer to schedule tweets and sometimes Facebook posts. On the free version you can schedule up to ten tweets and choose the times you want them to go out. Remembering to update my Buffer feed every few days means I don’t have to be constantly thinking to tweet blog posts and can just tweet other things as and when I want to. Don’t worry about repeating which posts you are tweeting too, Twitter moves so fast that a bit of repetition is actually necessary, just  don’t spam everyone with a hundred of the same tweet a day.

If you have an Instagram account for your blog, make sure that your URL is in your bio so that people can easily go to your site. I always post a picture relating to a new blog post and direct people to follow the link in my bio. You can also use the Stories feature to post a screenshot of your blog post to entice the readers in. Make sure you are using relevant hashtags that aren’t so popular that your picture will get lost but that get enough hits for you to be noticed.

For every blog post try to include a pinnable image that you can pin to your Pinterest board for other people to see and hopefully re pin if they like your post. I’m really bad at remembering to do this and often it is Pinterest that slips off the bottom of the to do list, but I know that if you get good at using Pinterest it can be amazing for traffic.

Stumble Upon
If you are a blogger that doesn’t know about Stumble Upon, then I am about to change your life. Stumble Upon is a site that shows its users random articles depending on their interests. By adding your blog posts onto their site you can easily increase your traffic. It helps to have other people add your posts too, so that it doesn’t think you are a Spammy robot, so if you have any Blogger friends then you can Stumble each other’s posts and watch those views come in.

Those are my top tips to increase your blog traffic, I would love to know any of yours!

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