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Ahh my little blog, I feel it’s been a long time since I sat down and had a real heart to heart with you. My lovely readers who have been with me from the start, and everybody else who has joined me along the way. You’ve probably already noticed a slight shift around here. It started with the re brand back in July when I bought my own domain and started dabbling with different types of posts. As you may know, I started out with mostly personal, diary type posts and letters to my daughter, which I will always love to do and never stop doing (I’ve actually got some real tearjerkers ready to go in a few weeks so get ready!). But you’ll have noticed that I’ve started throwing some other posts into the mix which I am also really enjoying and that are bringing in different types of readers too. I’ve been reviewing¬† products and writing lists of advice for new mums and any tips and tricks that I have learnt in my 17 months of parenting so far. I’ve also recently starting writing about blogging itself as I noticed that many of my readers are also bloggers, who might enjoy reading those types of posts.¬†

Doing Blogtober has been a real game changed for me. I’m not sure if it’s the frequency of posts or just my increased commitment to my blog but my views and visitor counts have more than tripled just this month and my DA (essentially my Google ranking) has leaped up quickly considering how recently my domain was registered. With the increase of statistics has come an influx of brands that actually want to work with me, that deem my blog as worthy enough to promote their product or event. I’m not one to turn down an opportunity, especially one that benefits my family and so, you’ll notice more reviews creeping in over the coming weeks and even the odd #ad on Instagram. By no means have I ‘made it’ as a blogger and the majority of my posts will remain the same, but even so I don’t ever want to lose my integrity with you. This is why I want to say now that I will only ever be working with brands that I truly love and believe in their product. For every brand that I work with there is probably at least a couple that I won’t. This blog is important to me and even if parts of it are becoming ‘work’ and a means of income I will always love what I do and be proud of what I have created, so it’s so important to me that I stay true to myself and to my readers.

The majority of my posts will still be my usual rambles or rants, the personal posts and the family days out I want to record. But I hope the odd review or recommendation won’t put anybody off, I’m actually really excited to share with you some of the fantastic brands and products that I am working with. I hope you will love them as much as I do and like I said I will only ever be honest in my reviews and only take on the ones that I truly love. I’m excited to take this next step with my blog. As much as I love and appreciate the opportunity to be a ‘stay at home mum’, it is really hard for me not to contribute financially in any way to my family. Every time I get sent a product like a toy for Darcie or a new snack for her to try, I feel so proud that I have provided that for her. Every payment that I receive goes straight to giving her the best in life.¬† I want her to grow up seeing that her Mummy works hard for her and to teach her that you can always create opportunities for yourself to better your situation.

In case you can’t tell, I’m really excited for the future.

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