My Toddler’s Favourite Snacks

Anyone that knows my daughter in real life will know that she spends ninety percent of the day with a snack in her hand. She is the true Queen of Snacks so who could be better to recommend our favourite toddler snacks to the internet, than her? She’s never been one for big meals, preferring to constantly graze throughout the day, for this reason it’s important to me that the snacks I am giving her are healthy and nutritious. She’s constantly on the go and all these snacks are great for giving her the energy she needs. So, in no particular order these are my toddler’s favourite snacks.

Fruit. She loves oranges, bananas, apples and every different type of berry. Any mums out there might understand why I have had to put her on a blueberry ban before, and if you don’t know why I did that then I envy you. She can easily eat a whole punnet of blueberries in one go!

Organix Goodies Soft Oaty Bars*. They have a great range of flavours but Darcie’s favourites are the Raspberry and Apple and the Carrot Cake (a girl after my own heart right there). What I like about these is that they all have around 8 ingredients and I’ve heard of all of them. There are no nasties and I don’t feel at all guilty when Darcie eats them.

Organix Goodies Cheese & Herb Puffs. As with the oat bars, there are no nasties in these and they are all organic. These are Darcie’s absolute favourite snack and are so quick and easy on the go. Just make sure you have the baby wipes handy because the crumbs go everywhere!

Cheese. She’s a cheese fiend, what more can I say? She doesn’t drink much cows milk but she loves cheese so I am pleased that she gets a decent amount of dairy to fill her up. Cheddar is her favourite and she can eat an impressive amount.

Heniz Apple Biscotti. These are a new favourite and like the Organix range there aren’t any nasties in them and they are actually fortified with vitamins and minerals too. A great snack for on the go with very little clean up.

Innocent Smoothies. We don’t really give her juice or squash regularly because we don’t often have it in the house but I do get her the smoothie boxes as a treat every so often. She loves having one after her breakfast and they are a good way of getting fruit into the diet if your child isn’t keen on eating raw fruit. Not that we have that problem, but I know some people do.

Cheese straws. I make these myself, the lazy way. I just get a sheet of puff pastry, grate some cheddar, assemble the straws and shove them in the oven until they look done. She can’t get enough of them and will fill her up for a good hour.

Cucumber and hummus. She’s loved hummus since she first started eating solid food. It was one of the first things I gave her and she used to get so messy with it but it made her so happy so it was totally worth it. She still gets messy but not quite as bad and now she loves dipping cucumber into it too. The cucumber basically acts as a spoon for the hummus but she does generally eat it at the end too.

I would love to know any snack recommendations, leave them in the comments below!



*we were kindly sent a box of Organix Goodies oaty bars which I was delighted about as they are a firm favourite in our house. All opinions are of course, Darcie’s own.

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