My Favourite Things About Darcie at 23 Months Old

I can’t quite believe that my little baby girl will be turning two next weekend. What I probably should be doing with this little bit of time is organising her party, ordering decorations and thinking about what cake I’m going to make her. But that would make it all seem a bit too real. So, instead of looking forward, I’m going to stick firmly in the present and write down my favourite things about my favourite little person at 23 months old. I haven’t gone back and checked my list from last month so it’s possible there could be some overlaps but some things are just so sweet they deserve to be mentioned again!The way she seems to be developing a either a Northern or an American accent depending on her mood. Right now my name is ‘Mommy!’ and for some reason she calls trousers ‘pants’…

The fact that she loves to be kind and will comment when she or anyone around her does something kind. When we go to see one of her friends who has a baby brother, she says ‘Rosie’s house, toys, baby…kind!’ because she knows she must be kind to the baby.

The way she will sometimes ask for a cuddle when she really wants one (but always fights me when I want one, obviously!)

Sometimes when I’m lying next to her waiting for her to fall asleep, she takes her dummy out and leans over to give me a kiss. Sometimes I do such a good job at convincing her that I’m asleep she will pat me on the head and get up to go play with her toys while I ‘sleep’.

Her magical powers (see here!)

That she doesn’t run anymore, she gallops!

How independent she is and how careful she is. She’s very good at knowing her limitations and will ask for a hand when she needs one, but mainly she just gets on with things herself.

That she knows when she is being funny and will give me a sly look before chuckling at herself.

That she’s so amazing at saying ‘please’ and is getting really good at ‘thank you’ and ‘welcome’ too! (although sometimes the latter two get muddled up!)

The way she will run to the freezer and come back with an ice lolly and say ‘pleeeeeease!’.

The way she says ‘Ready, Steady GOOOO!’

When Dan and I are both holding her hands and she says ‘three, two, one’ so that we know we must swing her now!

That she is building really good relationships with her wider family and will be genuinely excited to see them.

That she shares my love for pink, sparkly things.

That when I wear a dress or more jewellery than usual, she says ‘Mummy, pretty!’

That she sleeps in our bed (controversial, I know!), but I love how safe and comfortable we obviously make her feel. She’s too adorable curled up in the middle of the bed too.

The way she cuddles into me first thing in the morning and we’ll often both fall back to sleep cuddling.

Her fascination with spiders. We spend so long looking for spiders in places where we have previously seen them and she loves telling me all about them while we look. ‘Bider!!’ ‘Bider!!’

That I can see more and more of the amazing person she is growing up to be every day.

Now that we have the cot set up in the nursery, she loves to put all of her toys in there for ‘the baby’.

That I have no doubt in her mind that she is going to be the best big sister and love her little brother more than anything.

The next time I write one of these lists Darcie will be two! That is absolutely crazy! As much as I am sad at how quickly time seems to be passing us by, I also love each new stage that she goes through. She makes me laugh every day and I love her so much I could cry just thinking about it. My heart could burst with pride at the person that she is and I’m so excited to see what this next year of her life will bring for us all.

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